Investor Quarterly™ June 2016 - Page 4

4 5 ABOUT THE EDITOR Pete Asmus is known as The ROi Concierge. He is a successful Real Estate Investor, sought after Strategy Consultant, Capital Aggregator, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Award Winning Radio Host, and the Author of multiple books on Self Help and Real Estate. He is also the Visionary of The Turnkey Investor and most important Father and Husband. Pete has spent the last 10+ years learning, teaching, speaking and searching for the perfect investing system for himself and to be able to offer investors just like you. Over the years, he’ has experienced both failures and success and learned from both. Because of this he has made connections and built KEY relationships with the top investors, operators and deal makers in the industry. Because of his connections he was able to create a sustainable Turnkey System that actually does what he believes others wanted or hoped to facilitate. Pete’s  real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing mobile homes to  residential real estate, and notes to commercial buildings, he also owns several of the top real estate groups on LinkedIn (Totaling almost half a million investors). Pete’s Passion is Partnering Private  Money with projects, getting you to think differently and giving you the resources to take  action now! He’s personally trained 1000’s of students for these Industry Experts.   He also was able to see the biggest problem facing new investors… Feeling comfortable enough to start investing and solved it with After PERSONALLY TRAINING with leaders the UNDERWRITERS Workshop in the industry you probably have heard of,