Investor Quarterly™ June 2016 - Page 20

The Truth behind Why... 21 21 YOUR FULL PAGE AD GOES HERE Real Estate SUCKS! [and 90% of Investors FAIL] By Pete Asmus, Real Estate STRATEGY Consultant Real Estate SUCKS, doesn’t work and is too complicated Isn’t that the truth? Depending on who you listen to we are either in a Horrible market about to crash or at the moment you will look back on and say “Why didn’t I act”. And it can vary from Seminars to Expo’s to REIA’s and everyone has a golden shovel. So back to the question, which is true? The answer is BOTH. It doesn’t really matter what “market cycle” you are in, there are always ways to make money. No flips? Start developing, No buyers? Rentals or Notes. There is ALWAYS a way to find opportunity in real estate if you are willing to dig deep and find it.