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Index 2 Investor QuarterlyTM June 2016 page 4 About the Editor Pete Asmus is known as The ROi Concierge. He is a successful Real Estate Investor, sought after Strategy Consultant, Capital Aggregator, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Award Winning Radio Host, and the Author of multiple books on Self Help and Real Estate. Pete is also the Visionary of The Turnkey Investor 4 About the Editor 7 Dear IQ Reader 8 Private Lender’s Underwriting Building a Legacy Those of you who have been following us for a while and especially those of you who have read our eBook, The Stock Market Refugee, know we are passionate about helping you grow both your short term income and long term wealth. I NVESTOR Quarterly Workshop 10 Building a Legacy through Generational Wealth 12 [Diagnosing Inefficiencies] 18 Why Multi-Family Apts are CRUSHING the Market 21 page10 3 Real Estate Sucks [and 90% of Investors Fail] 23 iQ [Expert Insight] Pitfalls of National Criminal Checks Editor Pete Asmus Publisher The ASMUS Group™ Circulation 620,000 Website We employ what we call our 2-step system to create financial freedom and multi generational wealth. page 12 [Diagnosing Inefficiencies] THE TURNKEY INVESTOR’S - CREDIT SOLUTION How to Generate the highest returns Possible on your Real Estate Investments. Warren Buffett has created an incredible legacy, along with tens of billions of dollars by finding inefficiencies in markets and businesses. Buffett who is also one of the famous real estate investors in history and recently converted to hosting... ..shareholder meetings ..., page 21 REAL ESTATE SUCKS [and 90% of Investors Fail] Isn’t that the truth? Depending on who you listen to we are either in a Horrible market about to crash or at the moment you will look back on and say “Why didn’t I act”. And it can vary from Seminars to Expo’s to REIA’s and everyone has a golden shovel. So back to the question, which is true? The answer is BOTH. Click to watch