Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 81

A little bit about you!

What attracted you to Coaching or Mentoring?

I was on the board of Directors for mine and my husband’s company from the ground up for 10 years, which we successfully sold to an international company with a staff of 30 people. I was in Christian ministry for 20 years as a Conference speaker, running training schools and teams, and working with leaders. I was often involved in setting vision and culture for business and churches, involved in hiring and directional decisions, counselling people and advising.

Coaching was a way for business leaders and ministers to avoid many of the burn outs and road crashes that happen in many people’s lives whilst pursuing passionately a vision or goal. Coaching empowers people in a unique way. I love that it placing responsibility rightly with the client, whilst drawing out, out of the box solutions. Giving encouragement and support, and has the secret tool of accountability that makes people enabled to be successful in a holistic way, without neglecting themselves or the people around them. I am passionate about seeing people become all that they can be in healthy ways!

How long have you been coaching?

1 year

What is the reason you selected to become an IIC&M Accredited Coach?

I wanted the most credible organisation to accredit me.

What is your philosophy to coaching or mentoring?

Every person, company, or group of people has a unique purpose that they are designed to fulfil, that brings fulfilment to them and blessing to others. Every person can be great!

What attracted you to the IIC&M?

The level of professionalism and credibility it has.

What one question you would like to add to your Press Release?

What do you think your unique purpose is?

My unique purpose is to make other people great! I love helping people to best understand their unique strengths and abilities, what life has given to them through the good and the bad. Helping them to find their unique direction and fulfilment, through walking in their purpose. It doesn't get better than that for me. That’s my unique purpose.

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