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A Practical Handbook for Life's Difficult Moments

A Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments contains useful and realistic steps to take when you find yourself in challenging situations. Regard the book as a chance for self-coaching when you do not have the time, inclination, finances or interest in working with a professional. Balance addresses the immediate moments in which you wish you had someone to talk to who would give you some support. This book is also about change. It is above all a hands-on approach to developing the personal skills that enable you to bring about change. It is comprised of clear, uncluttered guidance for dealing with issues which you may be confronted with in everyday life. If you are ready to offer yourself a better quality of life, this book is for you. No need to read Balance cover to cover, instead focus on the topic you are struggling with at the time. You will learn: • How to 'Let go of thoughts from the past'. • How to acquire steps to support living in the 'Now'. • Be reminded of how to listen to that gut feeling known as your 'intuition'. • How to recognize your choices in difficult moments. • Life Skills - such as 'How to deal with Energy Vampires', or • 'How to respond to a verbal attack'. • More about what your 'Personal Power' is. • To say 'no' when something is not right for you. • And many more.

Balance: An Interactive Workbook for Self-Coaching: Volume 1

Whether you are new to Personal Development or not, this workbook will kick-start your growth. You will take a closer look at your: -Future – -Present – the reality check section -Past – have a look at it, take the good from it and leave the rest where it belongs – in the past Step by step you will: -Explore and gather facts about what is working and what is not working in your life The Benefits - You will: -Raise your awareness - change your perspective -Gain clarity -Have a better sense of direction for your life and goals -Know which actions to take to move forward -Be a lot wiser regarding what changes to make and in what order. If you are ready to start making some changes, this book is for you. It will guide you on to the path of personal growth and development in your own time, in privacy. There are plenty of assessment and profiling tools offering you insight relating to WHO you are. (MBTI, Enneagram etc.) Explore HOW you are with this new self-coaching workbook - give yourself a 'reality check', in your own time, at home, on the plane, over the weekend ... whenever, wherever. Note for KINDLE readers: I suggest you have pen and paper, or even better, a notebook or journal, ready as you will be writing down and thereby recording your thoughts.


by Suzie Doscher PSC ASC