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David’s Commix

David is the IIC&M's Managing Director.

David has held previous roles in the IIC&M's Leadership Team - Intl. Head of Accreditation and Intl. Head of Operations.

David is an Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M), an Accredited Senior Mentor (IIC&M), Process Communication Model® Trainer, Consultant, and co-author of ‘A World Book of Values’

Do they matter?

What really makes a difference to a coaching relationship?

How important is supervision?

How important is certification/accreditation?

What gives you the right to call yourself a coach?

What methodology do you follow?

What tools and techniques work best for you?

What else could you do to enhance the effectiveness of your coaching?

What should people look for in a coach?

Coaching and mentoring, is there really a difference?

If so, what is it?

What is your USP?

Why would anyone want to be coached by you?

If you could be coached by anyone, who would it be?

Now you have answered these questions (or not), what does that tell you about yourself?

What next?

Well, these made me reflect and challenge myself if nothing else!

International Coaching Week is a celebration of coaching and all things associated with it. I encourage and invite you to immerse yourself in the multitude of events that are happening. I also invite you to go beyond this week and continue your coaching journey, not just for yourself but to spread the word about what it is all about; to be an ambassador for coaching in the wider community.

Until next time, have a great week (and beyond).

David Monro-Jones AMC ASM

IIC&M Managing Director


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