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Awaken Your True Potential

Dial A Guru Series 1

This dynamic self-development co-authored book is for everyone who has ever experienced self-sabotage at home, or in the workplace. This series is uniquely interactive as it’s accompanied by a workbook packed with insightful questions and challenging exercises designed to help move us from A to B. Starting with the popular Wheel of Life exercise, we learn how to identify and overcome self-sabotage then make the necessary changes to awaken our true potential.

The Dial A Guru series is an enormously supportive book in helping us achieve our ultimate goal of living our own version of a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. Career Diva Eva kicks off with her encouraging story about how it’s never too late to realise your dream work project. Followed by Wendy who explains her wonderful strategy for learning to like, love and accept ourselves. Then Bettina proves it’s possible to break old habits that no longer serve us by demonstrating how to swap them for positive ones with renewed purpose.

Fabulous Ruby shares the importance of being brave enough to show up authentically and live the life we desire. Next An explains a fun and innovative way to benefit from on-line strategies to increase personal and professional success. She is followed by inspirational Ildiko who received a push from the universe just when she needed it most to fulfil her dream vocation and urges you to do the same, without the push!

Yogi Elaine brings the focus back to our inner-self with a fabulous guide into how, what, where and when to practice mindfulness mediation to minimise stress and over stimulation. Audio links are also provided for those that prefer to listen to her dulcet tones. Finally, motivational Mala brings things to a close by summing up empowering strategies for creating your own winning ways. So, there you have it: eight caring sharing authors, writing eight potentially life-changing chapters. However, we know reading isn’t enough to make a change stick. Change has to be accompanied by doing; putting things into practice, one step at a time. So, invest in yourself and live the life you dream of.

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