Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 66

choices and outcomes, while also helping align a business or a partnership to a common purpose. A consistent coaching organisation will use multiple frameworks which can be replicated, educating individuals within a business on how to apply that framework independently for results over time.

Importantly, frameworks are best tailored to the various areas of a business. Much like many different tools are required when constructing a house, so too different frameworks are required when building a business – the same tools won’t necessarily achieve similar successes when applied to areas as varied as Marketing, Sales, Succession or Valuation.

4. Team

Boys from the Thames Valley

- my coaching team when I lived in the UK

The final key to great coaching is leveraging the skills of multiple coaches to support the client. Many ‘business coaches’ operate as sole traders or independent franchisees, restricting the work they deliver to only their own experience.

Team coaching has multiple client benefits. A business can choose a coach with specific project experience. They can match personalities, with the owner, key executives or staff members. The team connection also provides trust and confidence, knowing your coach continues to learn from and discuss strategy with their local team, and through their personal, ongoing connection with their own business nationally and globally.

When I was starting my business coaching business, I found only one company that successfully ticked all 4 of these characteristics which is why I was a Licensed Shirlaws coach in Australia and internationally for many years. In 2016 I’m launching my niche coaching business Real Estate Grow, and these 4 characteristics were a key filter in designing our business – including the decision to work with business partners, rather than going it alone.



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