Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 6

This edition of Insight is dedicated to International Coaching Week and is therefore an issue full of outstanding observations about coaching.

Rather than talk about coaching in any particular context, I thought that I would pose a number of questions for your own reflective practice. Perhaps you have been asked these before. Perhaps you have asked them of others. Maybe you have your own questions too. The list is by no means exhaustive; in fact these were the ones that popped into my head while walking my dogs (my usual scenario for thinking). Some may be a little controversial and/or challenging. So, my starter for 10 and in no particular order:

How would you define coaching?

What is the purpose of coaching?

Does coaching actually work?

How does coaching work?

What type of coach are you?

What type of coach would you like to work with?

How do you see your coaching ability developing?

What else would you like to learn/develop?

Where are you on your coaching journey?

What is the future of coaching?

How can a coach best serve their client/coachee?

How do you measure your impact/effectiveness?

What coaching do you receive?

What could you do better?

Why are you a coach?

What trends are you noticing?

Do they matter?

What really makes a difference to a coaching relationship?

How important is supervision?

How important is certification/accreditation?

What gives you the right to call yourself a coach?

What methodology do you follow?

What tools and techniques work best for you?

What else could you do to enhance the effectiveness of your coaching?

What should people look for in a coach?

Coaching and mentoring, is there really a difference?

If so, what is it?

What is your USP?

Why would anyone want to be coached by you?

If you could be coached by anyone, who would it be?

Now you have answered these questions (or not), what does that tell you about yourself?

What next?