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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

International Coaching Week!

Welcome to International Coaching Week

Celebrating 18 years

by Jerri Udelson

Join the IIC&M during

International Coaching Week:

History of International Coaching Week

How do I get recognised as a Professional Coach?

Breaks with Purpose - the first step to finding the right balance.

Which would you select with a client? To coach them or to mentor them?

High Ticket Clients.

Mastery of Coaching.

Coaching Culture in Business.

How do I coach in a Niche Market?

Coaching and the value of Women after Fifty.

The Power of Emotion Coaching.

Coaching in the 21st Century.

Coaching is more than just a conversation.

My First Year as a Professional Coach.

Using Assessments in Coaching.

Why visibility is key if you want to grow your own business.

Realising your dream.

Five eacy steps to overcome inner obstacles.

A Passionate Life.


the profession

Safeguarding the art of coaching

Nikki Vee

Code of Standards and Ethics


Core Competencies


... in the Workplace

introducing a new section

focusing on

Coaching and Mentoring

in the Workplace

Coaching is the New Black

Cathy Radcliffe APC

Coaching Leaders for Change

Patsi Krakoff

Business Support

4 Characterists of Great Business Coaches

Jocab Aldridge

The Benefits of Small Business Coaching

Carla Jiroux Kaplan

Regular Features

Editor's Note

David's Commix

App of the Month

Success Wizard

Blog of the Month

Tim Ferriss


Department of Excellence

by Adele McCormack APC

David Monro-Jones on the road

Personal & Professional Development

returning in June