Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 49



by Nicki Vee

Nicki Vee has become well known as one of the UK’s top Coaches and, through her ‘Master Coach Programs’ as the go-to mentor for other Coaches, Trainers & Consultants. Nicki Vee’s background was as an MD and HRD of European Leisure PLC, responsible for £70M turnover and 3,000 staff. She then used her tenacious style to perform a dramatic financial turnaround for Bupa.

During her first year as an exec coach, working with companies such as Whitbread, South West Trains and Sky TV she easily achieved an income of 100K “without a business card, an office, a brochure or a website!” Then with Tony ‘The Vee’s’ became very well known as ‘The Relationship Couple’ coaching thousands of singles and couples to achieve ‘the ultimate intimate relationship’ through their products and famous seminars.

Their passion for sharing the ‘Art of Coaching’ began with their early ‘Coach the Coach’ programme and their development of a unique ‘V Coaching Strategy’.

She says, “understanding human psychology and utilising this ‘art form’, so that people make decisions that they follow through on, is the only way to build a solid business and is our way of serving mankind at the highest level. So we created a standard under the banner of the ‘Coaching Standards Authority’ to ensure that the 'Art of Coaching' is respected, safeguarded and developed - Its my mission!”

The standard took me ages to write because it needed to simply outline the skills, tools and questions that will not only cause your clients to get even better results from time with you these questions specifically will cause them to buy from you! I know that sounds like a big fat claim but when we ask people to look a little deeper then we are literally giving them a demo of what we do and we give them a clear signal

that we are professionals. Unconsciously that is what everyone is looking for in my opinion and that is why they buy - they trust you and they trust that they will get the result they want. Here’s a sample...

A Master of the ‘Art of Coaching’...

Shows up in a Certain, Clear, Unique Master Coach Identity

A Master Coach shows up with confidence, certainty and the internal belief that they can assist anyone with any challenge so that clients move towards them automatically.

A Master Coach has total clarity as to which niche and what challenges they are most expert in handling so that their online and offline marketing has integrity and ‘personal weight’.

A Master Coach has a unique, unforgettable identity and has 10/10 certainty about his/herself.

Automatically finds Rapport by Riveting Attention & using Sensory Acuity

A Master Coach gains connection easily with anybody because they are not in their head trying to decide what to ask, what to say or thinking about a solution.

A Master Coach is totally present with the person and is totally focused on the person’s needs at all times.

A Master Coach hears, sees and senses the non-verbal clues and so adjusts to be in the highest level of rapport at all times.

Quickly elicits Real Clarity as to the Now Critical Issues

Quickly elicits Real Clarity as to the Now Critical Issues

A Master Coach assists their potential & paying clients to clear away what’s preventing them

from achieving their outcomes and finds the critical issues to resolve.

And A Master of the ‘Art of Coaching’...

Exhibits Flexibility & A Lightness of Touch in their Conversations...Yes, it becomes a

conversation where the client learns about their impact on the problem because the coach

has a subtle approach...

Questions to the Core using Cause/Effect & Leverage Strategies...If we try as Coaches to

Coach a problem that is outside of the person’s control we will fail...