Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 45

As someone who has a career spanning a variety of different occupations I sometimes reflect on where


at the end of the tunnel ... ?

by Barbara J. Cormack AFC, AFM

reflect on where I want to go next. What do I want to do under this heading of ‘career’?

Auditor … Accountant … IT Consultant

… Project Manager … Trainer … Facilitator

… Mentor … Coach … Author/Co-author

… Radio presenter ... ?

May celebrates coaching and it’s a fabulous resource that everyone has access to. On my own website I talk about coaching as a wonderful journey of self-discovery and achievement. It truly is and yes each person could coach themselves, but the added value of having a coach gives you someone else who is non-judgemental, non-directional, motivating, and completely on your side.

The coach is the one person who will provide you with absolute support while asking you those questions that you may know need asking, but don’t want to ask yourself. Your coach is the one person that you can share anything at all with – from your inner-most hidden dreams, to your biggest fears and blocks.

It was interesting as in my last radio show (co-hosted with Dawn Campbell) when we were talking about ‘wealth’ I asked the question ‘how does wealth fit into each segment of your Wheel of Life?’

As coaches we often find that those questions resonate with us and remain in our sub-conscious mind.

I was reflecting on my workload; found myself asking this question and the answer that popped up

was that there isn’t ‘wealth’ in my career currently. Wealth means much more than just finance and in our show we talked about John Templeton’s quote ‘happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not from material wealth’.

As coaches it is important for us to understand the words used by clients and what those words mean to the client. It’s easy for us to all use a word but to not have the same meaning. So what do I mean by ‘wealth’? I found this sentence on the website: ‘some say wealth may be time plus mobility plus cash but I also think health is wealth, this is because it may be subjective.’ This dictionary also provided the explanation that non-monetary wealth are things which depend on scarce resources and for which there is a demand, but are not bought and sold in a market and hence have no price. So when I am looking at wealth in my definition I’m looking for happiness, satisfaction, enjoyment, fun, entertainment, community, companionship with my colleagues, and yes as we all need a financial reward.

So what next? I’m a great one for meditating on questions and allowing the question to float away into the universe and waiting for the inspiration to come through the answers that return. All too often we ask these questions and think about the logical response, but what if we were to think about the intuitive response, or the inner-most secret desire response, or the outside the box response, rather than the ‘normal’ and logical response?

Since our show my sub-conscious mind has been bombarding me with ideas of ‘what next’. Some out of the box ideas that I had thought about years ago and dismissed. Some new ideas that I will need to investigate in more depth. Some current work that I can see in a different light.

Richard Branson wrote in one of his blogs on the Virgin website ‘If you have a thought but don't write it down, by the next morning it may be gone forever. I've always carried notebooks and make

write it down, by the next morning it may be gone forever. I've always carried notebooks and make

daily lists, scribble ideas and jot down thoughts.’