Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring May 2016 IIC&M - Page 31

their problem from a different perspective and help them to reframe things.


Whether it’s just the start of your journey, or you’ve been a coach for many years, this week is all about celebrating coaching.

What have you achieved with your coaching so far?

If you’re new it might just be the latest essay, or it might even be just that you’ve started your training. If you’re a seasoned coach you might have lots of amazing success stories that come up for you. Celebrate them.

How could you celebrate?

You could choose to celebrate in a small/big way. A small celebration might be to simply reflect and journal on the best moments in your coaching, maybe you could set yourself a coaching ‘birthday’ where each year you celebrate being a coach. A large celebration could be anything you choose – a night out, a holiday, some pampering. Make it something that excites you and reminds you of your achievement. We can spend so much time on our clients it’s easy to forget to reward our own accomplishments.


Remember to celebrate your clients too. They are the reason you get out of bed in the morning.

They are what give you that ‘on top of the world’ feeling and remind you that ‘this is why you do what you do’.

How can you celebrate your clients?

Send them a little note to remind them of some of the little things they might not have recognised in themselves, some of those achievements they might not be acknowledging.

Ask them if they want to be a case study for you. Share something that they’ve done, a blog post, something they’ve achieved. Shout out about their successes.


In the personal development world, we are surrounded by coaches. Relationship coaches, bereavement coaches, life coaches, business coaches, etc. etc. etc. Because of that it can be easy to forget that not everyone knows what coaching is. Not everyone knows the power they can have over their lives. I think it’s our duty to share coaching with people, to help them to understand themselves better and to learn that they do have choices over their lives, no matter what is going on.

There is so much power in a coaching conversation. What’s just one mini a-ha in your eyes for a client can be a monumental shift in their lives. How can you begin to know the impact that your coaching session together will have further down the line? There could be an enormous ripple effect as they put into place their set action steps, and that impacts on one person’s life, then as a result of that other people are affected too.

Don’t underestimate the power of coaching and what you do. Keep that passion alive; it will come across in all that you do. It’s a privilege to have someone trust you enough to share their challenges, goals, dreams and desires, their deepest fears.

As it’s International Coaching Week, remember to celebrate coaching, but also remember to celebrate you and your clients, and all that you’re bringing to the world.

So, whatever you do, don’t lose that coaching sparkle. The world needs your fabulousness!


Ruby McGuire APC.

Prior to Coaching, I worked in HR for 11 years with my last role, as Head of HR, that encompassed all aspects including training

training, recruitment and employment law.

You may have seen my work in the International Coaching News Magazine and Inspired Coach Magazine, plus various guest posts/articles.

I'm a Co-Author of Awaken Your True Potential and also a Support Coach for Noble Manhattan.