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Positive Attitude

Power your Mind

Decisions that are shaping our destiny, sometimes showing us a clear and bright path, other times we will face a path full of obstacles challenging us on our journey to the end goal. The mind plays a major role in all of these decisions. If the mind is nurtured with our trust and we believe in ourselves, then things will happen, even unexpectedly. After all, Success and failure are just labels we attach to unexpected outcomes! So what do we need to do to nurture our mind and achieve our full potential?

In my coaching experience there are four things that are essential to Self-power that nurture our mind and help us achieve infinite possibilities.

1) Believe in Yourself

2) Positive Thoughts

3) Purpose of your Intention

4) Meditation and an Independent Mind

In this article I am going to share the first two out of the four from the above.

Almost all clients come with self-doubt when they first ask for professional help from a coach. This is perfectly natural, as they are going through some difficult times, but at the same time, they have the courage to acknowledge that they need help.

1) Believe in Your Self:

How many times have you doubted yourself? I have, too numerous to recall, right from the time I started to understand right from wrong and make judgements as a teenager until almost half a decade later. So what is the driving force behind this?

We worry too much about what

other people are thinking about us!

In doing so we are allowing other people’s opinions and judgements be it our parents, friends, spouse, children and our colleagues at work to cloud our decisions. If I had continued to worry about what others thought about me I would not have been writing this article today. I stopped worrying and started to listen to my intuition and most importantly believing in myself. When I was 14 years old I realised that I was an average student, my marks for almost all subjects confirmed my average-ness. Then I observed students who were two years ahead of me preparing to take their exams, I noticed that even clever students were working hard in revising their subjects. I vowed to myself “worrying is not going to solve the situation, I need help and have to take action now, if I was to pass the senior school’s main exams”. I decided to be positive, take extra tuition and signed up for more after-school group studies. Over the next two years I worked extremely hard, and scheduled a plan of action to start revising well in advance of the exams. So what was the outcome? My results showed that I passed with a Merit and only missed a Distinction by 2 points! I believed that I could achieve more than just a “Pass”. I believed in myself that I could do it and I did it!

The same year with a group of friends, we decided to climb Mount Longonot, in Kenya a height of 2,780m above sea level. Initially the thought of the climb scared me, but I repeatedly said to myself if I do not try the climb, then I will never know if I could have succeeded or not. So again, due to the change in the mind thought pattern, by becoming more positive, yes, not only did we all manage to climb to the top of the mountain, we also managed to walk around part of the crater rim and here are photos to prove it, which last a life time of providing me with positive evidence that I can do anything I set my mind to, not just to me but to my children too!.

Mount Longonot

Once again I proved to myself that whenI believe in myself, and stop worrying about what others think, then I can achieve a lot. I have since stood by my rule: “Listen to my Intuition, Believe in me and take Action”. To this day, I say “Nothing is impossible if you put your Mind to it”. Dr Daniel Amen came up with the 18/40/60 rule:

18/40/60 rule:

When you are 18You worry about what everybody is thinking of you,

When you are 40You do not give a darn what anybody thinks of you,

When you are 60You realize nobody’s been thinking about you at all.

To make this article interactive I have followed a pattern of contemplate and winners’ attitude, to allow readers to ask themselves questions and to find out what characteristics they hold under the winner’s attitude respectively.

Believe in Yourself: Contemplate

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you have faith in your capabilities?

Do you believe that you can make your own decisions?

Do you believe you can create your own future?

If you, for some reason have a No as an answer for any one of the above questions, then I suggest now is the time to write.

Write down one or two things that you could believe in right now to take you closer to your goals.



Write down how your life would be if you really believed in yourself, and were able to actually achieve that goal.



Believe in Yourself: Winner’s Attitude!

Raise your self-awareness. Be guided by your instincts too. Listen to yourself.

Wait with patience, the approval we seek will come to us to align our life.

Live your life with an independent mind full of positive thoughts.

“Thoughts Become Things, Choose the Good ones”

~Mike Dooley

2Positive Thoughts:

Mike Dooley’s quote is certainly true in my experience. The more I think positively and volunteer to choose good thoughts, the more the universe appears to work its magic to bring me closer to achieving my goals. I find myself attracting things to help me fulfil my dream. How does the Positive Good Thoughts formulae work? All of us occasionally have minds cluttered with negative thoughts, sometimes they are just repeated by habit. That does not mean we have to continue to allow these empty negative thoughts to occupy space in our mind. Whenever a negative thought starts to creep into your conversation or thinking, simply notice what is going on and replace it with a positive sentiment instead. Do not allow the negative thought to even get a chance to settle into your mind and sabotage your goal. While writing this chapter I was listening to one of the top pop songs “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The lyrics are: “Because I’m happy – clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” and so on it continues to “Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do”. Yes! It’s amazing how quickly and easily we can change our state of mind by changing our physiology, simply by listening to an upbeat piece of music like that and you are immediately happier too.

Positive Thoughts: Contemplate:

What drives you to a negative mental state? Perhaps you are surrounded by negative or pessimistic people?

How often do you listen to “Self talk” and replace negative thought with positive?

How do you keep in a state of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)? e.g. Say daily affirmations or smile routinely.

Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Thoughts: Winner’s Attitude

A smile uses less muscle compared to a frowning face. Smiling Makes Us Attractive. We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away but a smile draws them in.

Keep your mind clear and your thoughts positive. This habit will bring success to both your professional and personal life.

instructions, and create order. Methodical people who follow the rules. Abandon that myth. The manager is the ordered embodiment of the entrepreneur and the technician’s combined passion.

This is the role in which the entrepreneur and the technician can reignite passion for the business after the initial creative startup phase is over.

by Mala Shah