Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 35

I'm Fabulous, Thank You!

by Ruby McGuire

Running your own business is a rollercoaster of a journey. One day you’re on top of the world, the next you wonder if you should just jack it all in and get a ‘proper job’ like your family and friends have been encouraging you to do.

When you first start running your business it’s an enormous learning curve, and you will be continuously learning as your business grows. You may find you spend lots of time developing your coaching and business skills, but what about your resilience skills? What about the things you’re telling yourself on a day-to-day basis, that negative self-talk?

What I learned from running my own business is that it’s not just about learning the business side; you have to work on your mindset too. It’s crucial if you want a successful business. If you can develop a positive mindset you will be far better prepared for the ups and downs that being an entrepreneur brings. In my Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp we work on both business building skills and mindset simultaneously because you really do need to work on both.

So let’s talk positive energy!

A few years ago I was holding a talk and I had a team of people working with me. There was a really negative feeling in the room, with lots of little niggles being discussed. I wanted the meeting to feel really positive when the attendees arrived so for fun I said that we’d had enough negativity, from hereon in if I asked how they were I wanted them to say, ‘I’m fabulous, thank you’!

Now it was a bit tongue in cheek, but what happened was fascinating. Their energy immediately lifted, there was laughter in the room and as the attendees came in – when asking how the team were - they would reply with the new mantra, and everyone else started giggling too, asking why they were so fabulous. The atmosphere in the room was electric. All because of a little phrase that raised the negativity into positive energy.

What does positive energy mean to you?

Here’s what I think it is;

• You will be passionate about what you do – if you love what you do you’re likely to be much more positive in your interactions

• You will be energised – that energy will rub off on others, just like it did with my team

• You will feel more confident – when you’re more confident you will take braver action and be more visible in your business

• You might be more charismatic; perhaps you motivate and inspire others. That in turn can lead to new clients

• You will be more engaged in what you do, and others will be engaged in you too because of that

• You will be more open-minded. When we are positive things flow much easier. We welcome change and problems become challenges to be resolved

• You will be focused as you won’t have all of the mindset blocks standing in your way

• You will stand out like a leader and be an influence in your field.

When you’re positive people want to spend time with you – positive energy is contagious.

How would your business be if you were all of the above things, all because of your positive energy?

It’s really important to have this positive energy. It moves us to believe in ourselves and take action (something that’s very important when running your own business) How many unfinished pieces of work, or ideas in your head, aren’t out there because of lack of self-belief?

Are you a glass half full or half empty person?

Let’s say I ask you how you are right now, what way would you respond? Maybe, ‘Not bad’, ‘Fine’, ‘Average’. If that’s you, think about how you could channel your energy more positively.

Running your own business can be a juggling act; we need to find ways to re-engage our energy levels

We can start by working smarter, not harder

We can make continuous improvements

We can focus on all of the good things that are going on in our business, and get help with those things that aren’t going as well, or pivot if we need to

We can also work on our self-care – If you take better care of yourself, you’re more likely to feel more positive about life and it means you will serve others better too.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen right now and write down 3 top things you LOVE about what you do (no complaining). How much better does it feel when you focus on the positive?

As coaches, we make people feel better about themselves. We help them to build the belief that they can have all they dream of and we help people to take action

Think about how you want people to feel after they have worked with you. Keep sharing your passion and enthusiasm, and if it’s not there like it used to be find a way to bring it back, or choose to go in a different direction, in a way that does really light your spark.

Build your positive energy buzz so that everyone (including you) feels motivated and inspired so that when someone asks you how you feel you will say (truthfully)

I’m fabulous, thank you!

Because you are!