Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 3



This month's insight is all about Positivity.

To me, positivity is a mindset. It's about making a conscious choice to focus on the good rather than on the bad; and to make that choice on a daily basis (or even more often, if needed). For me, it's all about really enjoying all the bigger and smaller moments that brighten up my day; as well as about recognising how my own positivity (or negativity!) and how that may impact my day, as well as the day of those around me!

But there is more to this, as positivity is also very much about negativity. We simply can't always avoid the negativity in our lives, as horrible things unfortunately do happen.

We do have a choice in how we deal with what we are facing and in how we work through our emotions and challenges, as well as in how we let this impact our thoughts, feelings and life.

As coaches and mentors, we work with our clients in whatever aspect of their life they have chosen to create a better world for themselves. Their mindset, positive or negative, will hugely impact their success in their chosen area. Therefore, as coaches and mentors, we must understand how this works and how we can use this knowledge to better facilitate our own and our clients' journeys.

I hope this edition of Insight, brought to you by the IIC&M, will challenge and broaden your thinking on this important subject and will allow you to help yourself and your clients.

Happy reading!

Warmest regards,


Denny Portier-Terpstra


Denny Portier-Terpstra is both Editor of Insight brought to you by the IIC&M, and Intl. Head of Communications for the IIC&M.

Denny is also an experienced coach and mentor, and an experienced HR Professional.