Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 29

The very statement threw my mind into utter chaos as I set myself out to write this article with positive gusto and a willingness to share my thoughts and feelings on positivity, I became anxious.

My intellect or intelligence disappeared as if I had not been awake when this word was taught to me me as a child or perhaps again as a rebellious teenager - probably the fault of my parents or the education system.

Suddenly my attention span became restricted, procrastination and

avoidance set in. I heard my inner critic asking my perfectionist persona: “Is it even possible for this to happen?”

Emotional frustration continued and analysis paralysis set in for a few days and nights.

The mind is a computer filled with facts, figures and words, which keeps your use of words logged in for further reference, so all I had to do was switch on the computer…

Conflicting emotions arose as I struggled further and came to a decision that an article on "Positivity is a state of mind" does not exist in my hard drive aka the brain.

There had to be an answer to my dilemma as time was of the essence and a due date for delivery of the article stared from a sticker in my refrigerator door with the words: "Positivity is a state of mind".

I resorted to my style of ignoring and resisting when being put under pressure by zoning out, avoiding conflict of the situation on hand…

How to proceed in order not to fail?

I resort to the one thing that for me brings quietness - a question or


I asked:

“Who am I?”.

“What is it I am struggling with at this moment regarding writing this article?”.

“How can I proceed successfully and stay in line with my own truth?”.

The answers to the questions, as if prompted by some miraculous words allowed a flow of conversation. The floodgates opened. I had gone from demanding my intellect to answer, into the art if spiritual resonance or inquiry.

I realized that to be able to share my beliefs or points of view on the rhetorical statement "Positivity is a state of mind", I needed to approach the subject from a spiritual context allowing my state of mind to become equal to the subject at hand.

“Who am I?”

Besides being human and doing what humans do, i.e. work, play and survive, I am a unique soul with an essence of purpose unique to me, without going further into cosmology, spirituality and ontology or religion.

My mind and brain and physiology were happy with this answer in relation to the article that was unfolding on "spirituality is a state of mind".

“What am I struggling with at this moment in writing this article?”.

I realized the subject matter at hand in my humble opinion, required a well documented, well researched scientific paper on positivity and it's attributes - a thesis.

However if I keep it simple and stay in line with my spiritual notion of positivity I can share my views.

“How can I proceed successfully and stay in line with my own truth?”

I experienced an “aha moment” of tranquility, realizing that as long as I write the article with TRUTh, my truth as I feel it, sharing the challenges and the difficulty I have, taking responsibility for my words, my sentences, my article and how what I write will affect others who read the article, all will be ok.

We are more than the sum of our parts.

Becoming equal to ourselves and equal to those parts of our personas, that trigger anxiety when a task or situation or challenge arises, assist us to be able to breath a sigh of relief realizing we can give life our best shot.

I share my challenges, struggles and triumphs and trust it will encourage others to never give up their dreams.

In conclusion from a coaching - mentoring perspective we are all capable of stringing together words to make up an article with the belief that it will assist someone who needs to read those precise words we have written or hear those words we have spoken.

We are far more than the sum of our thoughts whether they are positive or negative. We have choices. Positivity is a state of mind, an emotion of choice or for some like me a spiritual resonance.

We are all able to rebirth, redefine, recall, recharge, rejoice and Rejener8 - grow strong again in all areas of life.

It is from our negativity or void where our greatest personal growth and success emanates from.

Jenny Schmal is an Inner Life Skills (ILS) Change and Personal Transformation Coach.

She assists and facilitates individuals as well as small and large groups.

Jenny’s expertise ranges from health and wellness, relationships, emotional, financial as well as spiritual/purpose coaching. She is an admired and respected business woman, mentor and motivational speaker.