Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 26


We can also be negative echoes. Most of us, at some point during our day, experience some negative thoughts about ourselves, consciously and often unconsciously. We put ourselves down, feel guilty, blame ourselves, and compare ourselves to other or to impossible personal standards, to name but a few examples.

Each negative thought and word, reverberates through our bodies as feelings, sensations and emotions, echoing in every cell of our bodies and our energy field. Our body language, demeanour and even our tone of voice demonstrates this to the outside world.

Some ‘negative’ echoes move through the body quickly before they dissolve into thin air. These are the ones we learn from and then move on. Others get stuck and keep echoing on and on and on, in our body, mind and energy field – stuck echoes can lead to health issues. In coaching we often call them limiting beliefs, false identities, stress or low self-esteem. These are echoes that have become chronic.


If we wish to be positive echoes, the first step is to notice what we are echoing at any given time:

1. What are we broadcasting?

• Do we know and/or notice it?

• What emotions, feelings and sensations is my body giving me?

• It is positive or negative?

• Does it stay with us or move right through us?

The second step is to observe what impact our current echo has on our bodies and our environment.

2. What is the impact this echo has on our body, others, the world around us?

The third step is to make an active change. When we notice what we are echoing - it might only be a feeling or an emotion rather something we can put direct words to - we can change it.

3. Every time you notice that you are echoing something you don’t want to give out, connect to the emotions, feelings and sensations you want to give out.

Some options for doing this are:

• Connect to a memory of an experience that contained the emotions, feelings and sensations you wish to echo

• Laugh or smile at and into your current state – that helps to turn it

• Consider possibilities of action – often when we echo negatively we feel stuck or without options. Opening up to other ways of being or acting, helps to unstick the state.

Enjoy being a positive echo.

Bettina Pickering AMC, AMM is your Leadership and Emotion Coach, Trainer and Mentor; published in one co-authoring book so far, with at least two more on way. Through her personal journey and her work with executive clients globally she knows that when you show up as a leader in your own life, your dreams do become reality.