Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 23

13. Trust your instincts. When you first hear the question or request, listen to your inner voice, your self-talk. What did it say? Often it will say ‘no’ but you will over-ride it and say ‘yes’. If it says ‘no’, trust it and say ‘no’.

14. Sometimes you may be able to delay your response. By doing this you may show a lack of interest, and the person asking may then go and ask someone else.

15. Don’t reply. If the request has come to you in the form of an email, don’t feel that you have to respond. Sometimes this is difficult because the person asking, may ask again and again; but often it works as well as actually saying ‘no’.

16. Write everything down. When I’m working with clients I use the SMARTER process and I ensure that they ‘record’ everything. It helps.

These points are here to help you learn how to say ‘no’. The one thing that I do now is make sure that I following point 16. I have absolutely clarity (point 4) on what my business is – what projects I’m working on, which clients I’m working with, what businesses I’m in partnership with, and which businesses I’m involved with. I have a small mind map on my desktop, laptop, iPad, and mobile phone which shows what I want to be doing. Now when I get a new request I look at that first. If it fits in, I ask for time to consider the request. If it does not fit in, I say ‘no’.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

Willie Nelson

By learning how to say ‘no’ I put myself first in my life.

Barbara J. Cormack MNMC, AFC, AFM is your leading Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Trainer, published in 5 co-authoring books, and author of 2 of her own. She is an advocate of achieving in every arena of life as her style of working makes the knowledge of your future, clear, inviting, and achievable. She combines her extensive background and experience with a keen insight into the demands of balancing the personal with the professional.

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