Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring March 2016 - Page 13

Department of Excellence

by Adele McCormack

My name is Adele McCormack and I am the Intl. Head of the Department of Excellence. In case you are wondering what that means and why the Department exists, let me explain my vision for coaching and mentoring. You see I am already a qualified Social Worker and every few years have to renew my membership to the HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council).

Every year members get randomly selected to submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that they are still at the required standard to practice. This was me 2 years ago. Around the same time I was changing my coachaing accreditation with the IIC&M from Associate to Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M) after completing my course with Noble Manhattan Coaching. Getting my accreditation was a proud moment just like my social work one. It symbolised all the hard work that I had done for my course and felt that it gave me the ‘go ahead’ to continue with starting my own coaching business.

And then everything changed, my feelings of pride became somewhat disillusioned. I started to come across coaches with no training, trained coaches with no accreditation, people listing coaching as one of their skills on LinkedIn who I know thought their approach of telling someone what to do and how to do it was their only interpretation of coaching. This rarely happened with Social Workers, why was it happening with Coaching and Mentoring?

So I knew that something needed to be done and joined the IIC&M team. My vision was based on a series of questions;

➢ How do we get coaches to receive good quality training?

➢ How do we get trained coaches to see the value in being accredited?

➢ How do we get clients to demand professional and safe practice?

Our clients need to be promised high quality, high standard services. We owe it to ourselves and our profession to raise the bar in coaching and mentoring and so the Department of Excellence was born.

In order to answer the above questions we have developed an organisational accreditation programme which offers the incentive to all organisations of ‘recognition of Excellence’ by achieving, maintaining and building upon a certain set of standards.

We want to work with more training providers to stress the importance of accreditation and with all training providers to build in automatic accreditation to training courses.

We would like all members to take an active role in helping raise the standards in coaching and mentoring.

Please note that by already being members of the IIC&M, you are at the forefront of high quality coaching and mentoring, a standard we need to build and protect.

We have a number of opportunities for people who are interested in being an assessor for organisations. We would also welcome people who are passionate about raising the standards within the coaching and mentoring community to join the Department. Please contact us if you feel this is you.

Adele McCormack APC