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It was with great pleasure that I accepted the offer and opportunity to write something for Insight Magazine. I hope that you find what I decide to scribble about interesting and perhaps at times amusing. I also hope that some of my writings will inspire and/or challenge you too.

After a degree of thought and to save trawling the internet for hours looking for a funky or trendsetting word, I decided to call this section ‘Commix’. According to the definition of commix is ‘a rare word for mix’, which sums up perfectly what I hope these monthly segments will be, a combination of thoughts, feelings, opinions and observations.

The focus for this month’s Insight Magazine is ‘New Year, New You!’ If you are like me, this brings into mind ‘New Year’s resolutions’. Interestingly, the history behind these resolutions dates back some 4000 years to the Babylonians who made promises to the Gods to be in their favour. At that time the festival was in March and it was not until around 46B.C that Julius Caesar moved the first day of the year to January 1st.

I often find that many people subscribe to making resolutions that they have no real desire or motivation in keeping. They have no real drive or commitment. Or perhaps they feel obliged to make them because other’s want them to. This is often why resolutions are broken within days (or hours) of being made. I have personally lost count of how many times I have resolved to give up chocolate during the week.

When deciding to have a ‘New Year, New You!’ make it something worth having; something that you believe passionately in and that you can commit to, ideally with someone to support you througany challenges that you may face. Do it because you believe in it, not just because….

Within the IIC&M there are also changes afoot. We are looking at new structures, newly appointed members to the board and leadership team as well as redeveloping both back and front office procedures. We are also looking at how to increase the member experience and the achievement of excellence. These are exciting and challenging times, but there is an enormous amount of energy, commitment and drive behind them. And we are always looking for people to help us achieve our vision.

I hope that you enjoy the various articles which will appear over the coming months. I invite everyone to contact the editor ( and let them know what you would like to see in print, after all, this publication is for you.

I would like to leave you with a quote by James Baldwin, the American novelist, playwright and social critic, which I think is useful to consider when considering any New Year resolution that you may make or be considering. I have found it useful in many of my roles, including those within the IIC&M:

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Thank you for reading.

David Monro-Jones AMC ASM

IIC&M Managing Director

David’s Commix

David is the IIC&M's Managing Director.

David has held previous roles in the IIC&M's Leadership Team - Intl. Head of Accreditation and Intl. Head of Operations.

David is an Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M), an Accredited Senior Mentor (IIC&M), Process Communication Model® Trainer, Consultant, and co-author of ‘A World Book of Values’