Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring January 2016 - Page 5


Table of Contents


Getting Un-Busy


Hints and Tips

11 5 ways to succeed this year

- Kelly Fryer (UK)

16 9 Tips to feel calm and grounded

How to create a balanced life

- Tasmin Tanjeloff (USA)

19 5 Key Considerations when Goal


- Kathrine Smith PC ASC (UK)

28 10 Tips and Tricks to learn any


- John-Erik Jordan (USA/Germany)

Regular Features

1 Editor's Note

5 David's Commix

10 Competition

New Year, New You!

6 Inspirational Quotes

13 Create Solutions, Not Resolutions

- Dawn Campbell AMC AMM (France)

23 Self-Esteem, Self-Worth

- Suzie Doscher PSC ASC (Switzerland)

24 Balancing your

Personal and Professional Life

- Barbara J. Cormack AFC AFM (France/UK)

27 What is Your Story?

- Jenny Schmal (RSA)

32 New Year's Resolutions don't work,

and how they will

- Bettina Pickering AMC AMM (UK)

37 Re-inventing Resolutions

Nicci Robertson (SA)

Recommended Reading

20 Awaken Your True Potential