Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring January 2016 - Page 41

Why specifically do I want this /

how importantis it to me?

What resources do you have?

List your resources.

Objects: Examples would be cooler box, treadmill, shopping list etc.

People: For example, family, friends acquaintances, your business colleagues, PA. Role Models: Do you know anyone who has already succeeded in getting the outcome?

Whom can you talk to?

Personal Qualities: What qualities do you have or need to develop to achieve the outcome? Think of all your personal skills and capabilities.

Can you start and maintain this outcome?

How much is under your direct control? What do you have to do and who will help you?

What can I do directly to get this outcome?

How I can persuade others to support me in my new lifestyle changes?

What are the wider consequences?

What time and effort will this outcome need? Everything has an opportunity cost. Consider your spouse, friends and your children. How do they stand to benefit from a healthier and happier you? Or will a healthier, happier you attract positive people into your life as you gain confidence?

What will you have to give up when you achieve this outcome. It is said that you can have everything you want if you are prepared to pay for it. What is the true cost?

If the outcome is too large, list all the obstacles that prevent you from getting it and set smaller outcomes to get over these barriers.

Yet, when the outcome is too small to be motivating and you feel bogged down with details ask yourself, ‘What does this small outcome get for me? Connect the details to the larger, more motivating outcome of which it is part. Example: A big picture outcome is to lose 20 kilograms and feel self-confident. The smaller goals that get you there are going to gym every day and giving up your evening drink.

Most importantly: Is this outcome in keeping with who you are?

What will starting a wellness program accomplish for me? Does it resonate with who I am and add meaning to my life ?

This may seem a little over the top. After all we are talking about something said in jest

around midnight on the 31st after a few drinks, or is it? Imagine feeling and looking the best you ever have this time next year? It may then very well be the end of the world as you have known it, and whole new world of health and happiness.

Nicci Robertson is the founder of the Re~Invent Company and author of the Re-Invent Wellness Coaching Methodology. She is a clinical nutritionist, master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Pycho-neuro immunology. She is First Line Therapy certified. Together with her husband Charn, they consult to a number of multi national companies regarding staff wellness, work life balance strategies, executive wellness coaching and stress management. While running a thriving nutrition and wellness coaching practice in Johannesburg.


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