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A few characterestics of low self-esteem:

- Frequently critical of others

- Staying with what you know…within your comfort zone

- Seeing the negative before you see the good

- Not taking care of your mind, body and soul

- Feeling shy

- Telling yourself “I don’t care” when you know you do

- Believing you are not as good as others

- Worrying about what other people might think of you

If you experience any of these low self-esteem signs consider improving the way you see yourself. Self-esteem and Self-worth are closely connected. If you feel you are worth it, you will automatically have increased self-esteem.

Some of the Benefits of raising your Self-Esteem:

- More confidence therefore more courageous

- Be more resilient

- Enjoy better quality relationships

- Spend less time worrying

- Discover what is outside of the box; ie your comfort zone – dare to go there

- Less fearful of the unknown

- Enjoy more strength through knowing you can handle it.

Suzie Doscher is a Professional Senior Coach (PSC) with the IIC&M, has a diploma in Life Coaching from Noble Manhattan, England.

She has an Advanced Certified SCOAP Coach - Leading Brains Academy - an integrated theory of coaching based on the principles of neuroscience, Is a Certified Facilitator for the NOW WHAT? ™ programme, USA.

She is a Member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF)

and Co-Founder - The Coaching Group of Switzerland

IShe s a Self Improvement Expert Author - EZINE

and Self Help Author - "Balance - A Practical Handbook for Life's Difficult Moments", available on Amazon.

Where there is a will, There is a way.

There is a way.

Self Esteem

by Suzie Doscher

Self Worth


Good Tools/Life Skills to Acquire to Start Improving your Self Esteem:

- Keep track of how often you put yourself down with negative self talk. Once you are more aware it will be easier to slowly change that pattern.

- Clear out the clutter. Choose friends that are positive, supportive and see the good in you. Avoid critical friends.

- Accept the fact that NOBODY is perfect, you don’t have to be either

- Live with integrity; adhere to your moral and ethical principles

One way to start is by exploring these three questions. Make lists:

- What do you praise yourself for?

- What do you criticise yourself for?

- How would it change your life if you were less critical of yourself?