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to review what’s working and what’s not, then to tweak and change. The beauty of being the CEO of your own business is you can adapt quickly, there’s no red tape to push through, you can set your business on course for a different direction if you need to. Savour the challenge, enjoy the journey.

What I notice time and time again from my clients is they aren’t willing to be consistent with what they are doing. They will try something new and expect the instant results that we’re now so used to.

What they don’t realise is that it’s the consistency that is the key to making it work. I’ll ask them what they’ve done when they are promoting an event, they will proudly tell me they’ve done a Facebook post or shared it in a group. It’s great that they’ve done something but it’s just not enough, you have to keep showing up consistently, and being visible in your business.

Taking action on something now might not have a knock on effect until a few months further down the line. Consistently taking action will give you the results.

If you want your business to grow

you have to keep being brave.

Dipping your toe in and out

isn’t an option!

The other thing that we are very good at is coming up with a million and one ideas for our business, and we don’t focus on one thing. We don’t build it and allow it to grow. I know this was one of my failings in the early days. I love writing content and I would write one

programme, get some people signed up and then be thinking about the next programme. What I realised is that I needed to give one programme my full attention, to make changes and improvements and to nurture it so that it became more successful, instead of rushing onto the next new shiny thing written in my Moleskin notebook.

The best way to grow your business is to focus on one key thing at a time. You’ll notice that when you promote one programme or event more people come your way for that particular thing, and other areas of your business might drop off slightly. Get really clear on the areas you need to focus on. Get crystal clear clarity and go all out to build that one area of business.

Review your progress, ask for feedback, and adapt accordingly.

By focusing on just one area you will start to figure out much more quickly where any problems might be, instead of doing ten things and not doing any of them very well. We often want the secrets to building our businesses. My title talks about the secret of growing your business.

The secret is simple – Get the basics nailed down – if you’re not good at sales, focus on learning that for a month or two, if it’s list building you struggle with join a challenge. Maybe you want to learn how to share stories with your marketing, read some books on it. Make that your focus.

Growth comes with being brave, taking one simple step at a time, and being consistent and persistent. Working on your mindset to be as confident and resilient as you can be will hold you in good stead. Keep your focus and remember, where your attention flows your business grows.


Ruby McGuire.

Prior to Coaching, I worked in HR for 11 years with my last role, as Head of HR, that encompassed all aspects including training

training, recruitment and employment law.

You may have seen my work in the International Coaching News Magazine and Inspired Coach Magazine, plus various guest posts/articles.

I'm a Co-Author of Awaken Your True Potential and also a Support Coach for Noble Manhattan.