Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring April 2016 - Growth - Page 51

When running your own business you obviously want it to grow. You also probably want it to grow quickly.

We live in an instant society where we can download books online, we can order our food shopping and get it delivered quickly, we can join online programmes or purchase music instantly. So much is available to us at the click of a mouse now.

I have a little sign in my hall that a friend gave me – It reads, “I want it all and I want it delivered now!” Funny, but actually quite true for a lot of us.

We sometimes treat our businesses this way, but the truth is that growth happens over time and while we want things to happen instantly, in some cases if they happened overnight we wouldn’t have the capacity to keep up. We might not have the systems in place to take on board all of those fabulous new clients/contracts, or even the energy to serve them.

Impatience has its merits, it can help us to push and strive for what we want, to take inspired action. It’s when it starts to impinge on us, when it affects our mindset and presses our triggers, our limiting belief buttons that it becomes a problem.

We can sometimes start to get into this situation where we are comparing our progress against the progress of others doing similar work, and that can really be a stumbling block. As coaches, we all know how a positive mindset is key to a successful life. We need to remember that for ourselves when building our businesses too. Sometimes, we need to practice what we preach.

Nowadays, we have a lot of ways that we not only measure ourselves, but also how we are potentially measured. There are Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections. There is the amount of engagement on our posts or the number of people in our groups, or our email subscriber list.

It’s so easy to get hung up on all of these things. Notice what happens to you when someone tells you they have a list of 10,000 subscribers. How does it make you feel? Quite often my clients will say that they feel a pang of disappointment, some feel failure on their part or even jealousy. It’s just a number.

As I mentioned in a recent podcast post these numbers are just vanity stats and not necessarily a true measure of what is really going on in our business. Far better to have less likes and followers that are our ideal clients, than thousands who aren’t engaged in our content, not interested in our products, and ultimately never going to do business with us.

What we miss is that running our own business is a journey – it has its peaks and troughs, but it’s through those challenges and triumphs that we grow as entrepreneurs. We start to push through comfort zones we never would have even considered when we were in the 9-5 world.

Building a business

takes persistence and consistency.

We spend a lot of time invested in our businesses, and it can feel uncomfortable when things we try don’t work. It’s important to review what’s working and what’s not, then to tweak and

change. The beauty of being the CEO of your own business is you can adapt quickly, there’s no

red tape to push through, you can set your business on course for a different direction if you

need to. Savour the challenge, enjoy the journey.

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