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The Confidence to Succeed

by Donna Kennedy

Margaret's review :

Donna Kennedy's Book 'The Confidence to Succeed' gives you a step by step guide in how to be confident. Chapter by chapter exercise by exercise it helps you break down the steps to becoming confident. Her own story is an interesting one as she suffered anorexia and was abused as a child so her desperation to recover led her to study and work with the best.

Donna has a ( BA Psych hons, MHGC,MNLP) she also coaches one to one and is already a best selling author. See her webpage of the same name.

I attended one of her workshops recently on this particular book and find I can use it in coaching with my clients especially the 'Taking Back your Power'.

Donna has a lot of what we learned as coaches, eg Values exercise, wheel of life ( her own version ) so I see it as a great asset to my growing selection of reference books.It is only out a month and already hitting 'best seller' status. I use it, refer to it and learn from it .I highly recommend it .

Top key learning points:

Fear is not a thing, it is an emotion that you can regulate back to a feeling of calmness and focus.You are in control of what happens.

Attitude :Gratitude gave me the start on which I could build the foundation for success.I believe it to be a two part process:

1/Let go comparisions.

2/Acknowledge the things you can be grateful right now.

A solid foundation puts you in a very strong position to deal with whatever happens in your life.

Her analogy of buying a computer and the programs we use are similiar to the ones we put into our own computer etc.

Best quote:

We can literally train our brain for change's time to understand how your brain has been operating so we can update how your programmes to more productive ones.

Other comments?

What I love about this book is that it has a how-to system that has the potential to transform your life,no matter what your current situation or how bad it seems or how long you have endured it.It is straightforward system of how to become confident. I have used some of the exercises with my clients. I recommend it as another great reference book in the coaching context.



Book Review by

Margaret Hoctor APC