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corrections on a continuous basis, either through the plane’s auto-pilot facility or through manual actions taken by the pilot.

So the plane is back on track, and ultimately reaches its intended destination.

5. Implement the 2-Pronged Approach to Success

To succeed, implement the two simple, but extremely powerful steps we saw above, and success will DEFINITELY be yours! Remember, to achieve lasting success, you need to repeatedly do these two simple, powerful steps on an ongoing basis in every area you want to achieve success.

First, WRITE DOWN your intentions.

Take some time to WRITE down what actions you want to take. Let me repeat this, because this is so simple, yet so very critical in achieving success. Please take a few minutes to write down the actions you want to take or the goals you want to achieve.

With written down goals, although you may go off track, you have something to track against, so that you can make sure that you reach your intended destination, your intended action. Without written down goals, achieving success has a much, much lower, and almost zero likelihood.

Second, TRACK your progress till completion.

After you have written down goals, you need to track to make sure that you implement your goals.

Please note that there are two types of goals/actions that one normally has – one, a change of behavior. An example would be “not to react negatively when someone is negative with me”, or two, a specific goal to be achieved by a particular target date. An example would be “send out a report in the next 3 weeks on how the team productivity can be improved”. Tracking includes making corrections to your goals and planned actions as you go along so that you are able to handle problems (such as air pockets in the example of the flight) on the way.

In summary, to guarantee your success, you need to implement two simple but effective steps - of first writing down your intentions and planned actions, and then, second, till they are completed, of tracking them and making corrections as required.

Best Wishes to Succeed Even More,

Binod Maliel

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Binod Maliel

Binod Maliel has been with Fortune 100 organizations for a majority of his nearly two decades experience, and has been holding  senior  management  positions. He is now a consultant and coach to top organizations - specializing in training in leadership skills and  project  management skills. He also helps people EXPLODE their personal and professional/business growth by empowering them to actually IMPLEMENT their learnings and ideas.