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Have you invested hundreds or thousands of lars on self-improvement but have not really been able to get actual RETURNS from them? Or, have you had great ideas for growth, but have not been able to get actual RETURNS from them? Would you like to EXPLODE your personal and professional / business growth by turning your learning and ideas into  revenue  generating ACTION? Then read on …

Have you faced these situations in your life?

1) You attended training / education programs (seminars, workshops, boot-camps, tele-seminars, etc.) or you bought info-products – with the intention of implementing your learnings and so be able to grow and succeed.

2) Or, you had great ideas or intentions that you were absolutely sure would help your success and growth if they were implemented.

But … for some reason or the other you have not been able to successfully implement these learnings or ideas. The result? You did not get high returns on all the dollars spent on learning. Also, opportunities to improve your success and personal or professional / business growth were LOST!

Given below are 5 steps to success – from intention to implementation – they will help you EXPLODE your success and growth:

1. Understand Why We Don’t Implement Our Intentions

Why are we not able to put into action our intentions? Why do we so easily let our opportunities of growth pass us by?

One, we could really be very busy. Though we want to, we may not be able to succeed in finding the time to do what we wanted to do.

Two, procrastination. The feeling that we can do it later. The only problem is that the “later” somehow never seems to arrive.

Three, priority. We seem to be pressed with so many “urgent” things that clamor for our attention.

And slowly, slowly, slowly (and sometimes may not be so very slowly) other urgent tasks push these intentions further and further into the background.

Four, fear, feeling of incapability, … and, there could be so many other reasons…

These ARE in fact real challenges we face. But remember, in spite of all these, we CAN succeed!!!

2. Understand the Foundation of Success

How can you get started on the path to turning intention to action? Think about this for a moment.

In 1953, there was a study done of Yale graduates. A survey was carried out, and it was found that only 3% of those surveyed had clear written down goals for life. Twenty years later, the same people were surveyed. This study threw out an extremely important analysis. The study found that twenty years after the initial survey about goals, the 3% who had clear written down goals for life had greater assets than all the remaining 97% put together.


That Yale study’s result is mind blowing.

So, what is our take-away from this study?

It sometimes sounds too simple to be true. But the fact remains, that to succeed, it is EXTREMELY

important to WRITE down your intentions and goals clearly.

5 Steps to Success

to Explode Your Personal &

Professional / Business Growth

Binod Maliel