Invenio: Coaching and Mentoring April 2016 - Growth - Page 38

- They are created with certainty that you will receive the answer, usually in the most delightful, and magical ways.

NOTE: Answers come from all kinds of sources: billboards, a song on the radio, an off-hand remark from a friend, dreams, personal insight/light bulb moments, and so on.

5. You must have a distraction-free quiet space in your life to recognize the answers when they come. Create quiet space by driving in silence once in a while instead of turning on the car radio. Occasionally find a quiet, secluded place for lunch instead of meeting friends in the company cafeteria. Take time for a soaking bath instead of a quick shower. You get the idea.

If you set your intention to create quiet space to hear answers, the Universe will provide you with practical options.

The best thing about confusion is its ability to move you forward. The danger is in getting stuck in it by not seeing it for the opportunity that it is for spiritual growth. Not opening your mind to seeing things in a new way will keep you going in circles until you get a bigger wake up call to get your attention.

The bigger the wake up call, the bigger the "ouch" it contains. It is so much less painful to pay attention early on!

Take these 5 tips to heart and put them into action. I guarantee your fog of confusion will lift and you will be on your way to living your life On Purpose, with more Joy and less struggle.


Jennifer T.

Grainger Lodi

Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.,is a Spiritual Growth Coach and Mentor.