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support of others. Immerse yourself in the activities that give you joy and feed your soul. Share the best of yourself with others, and it will expand the capacity for love in your heart.

Integrity - Be clear on the values that you hold most dear. Let those values be the litmus test by which you determine every decision. Living with integrity and staying true to your heart will save you from wasting valuable time, money and energy on the wrong path.

You were not created to achieve your minimal potential. It is your birthright to flourish. Rather than being selfish, investing in your own well being and becoming your best self will ultimately be of great service to others. You will have more to give and what you have to offer will be richer. Be clear, that you are worth every penny and minute that you wisely invest in your Self.

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Karin Marcus

Certified Life Coach / Retreat Leader

'Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do'. Rumi -