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When I grow up,

I want to be ...

Sharon Smith

Lessons from the journey: How I got from there to here – Part 1


“You only have control over three things in your life – the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.”

Jack Canfield

I was asked recently to join Insight magazine as a regular contributor. I was thrilled to be invited and excited at the prospect. I of course accepted immediately and then I realised the humour in the situation - the topic for the first month was “growth” and the submission was required in a few weeks!

So, with little time to panic or focus on the very good reasons swirling in my mind why I should cancel and decline the invitation – I was not qualified, I have limited previous article writing experience, I was due to head off for a three week break – I set about preparing my first article.

Over the next couple of months, I will share some of the lessons I have learnt from my journey and which are contained in my forthcoming book “Breaks with Purpose”, and I hope you in turn will be inspired to take action to discover your passions, explore possibilities and have the life and career you love.

Are you postponing living for someday that may never come?

“Many people go through life putting off their joy and happiness. To them goal setting means that ‘someday’, after they achieve something, only then will they be able to enjoy life to the fullest. The truth is that if we decide to be happy now, we’ll automatically achieve more.”

Tony Robbins

A few years ago I realised that postponing living and happiness to someday in the future was a

flawed way to live. Having taken the Passion Test a few years earlier, I had identified that I wanted a career that offered greater variety and flexibility. And after years of simply talking about it, I finally decided to choose in favour of my passions and embarked on a period of exploration and worked with a coach and mentor to transition to a new portfolio career.

Lesson: Don’t put off living or happiness for someday when … [fill in your version of the story - you have the career, the relationship, the house, the family, the bigger house, you pay off the mortgage, you retire].


“Practice knowing when to stop”.

Wayne Dyer

I have always believed that a career break is a wonderful opportunity to stop, recharge and refocus (and it was for me) but I have realised that the break does not have to be that long.

Simply make the time to stop every day.

Lesson: Take a break - whether 10 minutes a day, a mini break or a career break - and get clear about who you are, what your passions are and what you want from your career/life/relationships.

Do you need clarity about what is important in your life?

“Passion has the power to transform your life. When you discover your deepest passions, you connect with the essence of who you are. Living aligned with your passions, your personal destiny unfolds naturally and effortlessly.”

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

I was so inspired by my experience of the Passion Test and working with a coach and mentor and by

mentor and by all that I had learnt, that I decided to train as a coach and Passion Test

facilitator to help other professionals who were stuck to get clarity and move forward.

At the start of 2015, I selected “growth” as my word for the year ahead. I knew the learning

curve would be steep and that I would be out of my comfort zone but I knew that was where

the opportunity for growth would come. And, it was whilst attending the Passion Test

facilitators’ certification course a couple of months later that I was inspired to set up a global

community, passionate about learning and personal development and living passionate


Lesson: Get clarity on what is important to you and what you are passionate about.