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Department of Excellence


Excellence can be described as something outstanding or unusually good. If it is not excellent then it is just ok, average, run-of the mill.

We don’t want people to received just ‘ok’ coaching or mentoring. We don’t want them to receive average coaching or mentoring. As an accrediting body, we want people to experience excellent, high quality coaching or mentoring.

It is simple really. If you wanted a car that was reliable and safe and got you from A to B, you would buy a car with an MOT or even a manufacturer’s warranty. The reason being is that when a car is MOT’d and/or under warranty, the car is deemed road worthy, safe and has been inspected to meet a certain standard.

A brand new car is likely to be safe, good quality and something that people will trust to transport them on their journey and likewise a well looked after classic car will do just the same (arguably with more style). But a few years later, if that new car has never had a service, oil change, new tyres, break pads etc. etc. then the car will become unsafe. Even the best models of car will deteriorate without care and attention. I will ask you to forgive this crude metaphor but looking after your car is no different to looking after your coaching and mentoring skills. You have a responsibility to ensure that you are delivering a safe, effective service which upholds public trust. When clients are spending their hard earned money, they deserve the best quality coaching.

We also owe it to each other as fellow coaches and mentors to drive up the standards of the profession. We can only do that by keeping our skills up to date, our values in check and our heads held high.

So when you are thinking about your Continuing Professional Development, take a good honest look at your practice.

Which skills need a refresher? Which areas would you like to develop? And also think about the skills that are working really well for you. A good MOT should include evaluating your strengths as well as identifying areas for development.

Submitting your Continuing Professional

Development sees you recognised as a coach

or mentor that is continually striving for excellence.

Adele McCormack APC

Adele McCormack