Invenias Analytics Dashboard Invenias Analytics Dashboard

Premium Features The Analytics Dashboard Visualise, analyse, and interact with your data using Invenias Analytics Dashboards. Make data-driven decisions with clear and interactive, business performance metrics, which can be securely shared with relevant stakeholders or your wider team. You can get started quickly using a range of built-in dashboard templates ranging from forecasting and billing, to individual KPI based metrics. Users can easily segment and dissect data within these predefined templates for deeper analysis. “Invenias Analytics Dashboards give me an instant overview of my business metrics at a glance. I’ve got full visibility of how we’re performing, both at a company and an individual level.” Richard Fisher, Managing Director, Skillsearch Benefits Detailed assignment forecasting allows you to get an accurate view of forecasted revenues, with the ability to drill down into the detail. For example, looking at the forecasted revenue of certain consultants or regions See how your team is performing at a glance with detailed reporting about their activities, outcomes and time to hire Focus your marketing and outreach efforts, with the ability to compare all sources of business to identify those with the best returns Monitor the progress of candidates through assignments, with an overview available for each of the clients with which you are working “We’re really tapping into the power of data analytics and it’s driving a best practice approach to information management across our firm.” Sue Simmons, Manager; Data & Management Insights, The Miles Partnership San Francisco | New York | Reading | Prague | Kuala Lumpur | Singapore | Sydney |