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Premiere business environment The City of Fairfield offers skilled labor, affordable housing, and a sophisticated, creative environment for business development. With two state-of-the-art treatment plants, Fairfield provides an excess capacity of more than five million gallons of water per day, and adequate sewer capacity for high-demand manufacturing and production uses. After looking at many Bay Area sites - from north of Santa Rosa to the south in Fremont - we chose Fairfield. The city’s location near major freeways makes it a good distribution point, and its excellent water quality and supply were a major factor in our decision to move here. - Masanori Yasunaga, President and CEO, Calbee America, Inc. Demographics 49,000 1.6 MILLION 26,000 $20.25 Fairfield laborers projected new j ob s (2009 – 2030) laborers within 45-minute drive a ve ra g e hourly wage (production) 445,458 Solano county consumers