Intersection 2019: Arrival Intersection 2019 Arrival Resource Pack

LEARNING RESOURCE PACK → INTERSECTION 2019: ARRIVAL By the writers of the 2018 National Studio Directed by Sophie Kelly → AUDIENCE ADVICE Intersection 2019: Arrival contains: • Coarse language • Sexual References • References to masturbation • Mild references to self-harm and suicide • A depiction of violence • Visit and check signs at the venue for updated advice. → CURRICULUM LINKS Suitability: Stages 5 & 6 English: Text type: Dramatic Play, Australian Literature, Migrant Experiences Drama: Contemporary Australian Drama Stage 5 English Drama Stage 6
 English Prelim Drama Stage 6
 English HSC Drama EN5-1A, EN5-4B, EN5-6B, EN5-7D, EN5-8D 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3 CONSIDER: How do you think the writers came up with these five images? How do you think they connect with the theme of Arrival? 1. Brainstorm your own list of five images you associate with the theme of Arrival. 2. Using your own list or the list above chose one image and create a short solo movement sequence that represents that image. In small groups, perform your sequences and see if you can guess what each person’s image was. EA11-1, EA11-2, EA11-3, EA1-4, EA11-5, EA11-7, EA11-8 P2.1, P2.2, P2.6, P3.1, P3.4 EA12-1, EA12-2, EA12-3, EA12-4, EA12-5, EA12-7, EA12-8 H3.4 Learning across the curriculum: Intercultural understanding, Personal and social capability → ACTIVITY: UNPACKING THE THEME The writers of Intersection 2019 were given the theme of Arrival as stimulus for their plays. Through conversation they then hit upon five broad categories of images which for them had strong connections to this theme: • Images of transit • Windows, mirrors or screens • An older person • A garden • Images of home DISCUSS: • Could you identify a clear character in any of the pieces? • Did you have a sense that the character transformed or changed in any way over the course of the sequence? • How did the performer depict this change? 3. In groups, devise a performance based on the theme of Arrival. This arrival could be welcome or dreaded, anticipated or a surprise, physical or metaphysical (i.e. arriving at a new stage of life). Your performance should be made-up of three scenes: a beginning, middle and end. Each transition between scenes should involve a transformation: someone or something must change, and that change should propel the action into the next scene. Present your performances for the class. 1 of 2