Intersection 2018: Chrysalis Program

THANKS TBC 31.03.18 _ 17.02.18 INTER _ SECTION 2018: CHRYSALIS Writers 2017 National Studio Director Rachel Chant SBW Stables Theatre WRITERS Alexander Lee-Rekers Alexander is a writer, director and composer. Setting aside a career path as a classical violinist, he left the orchestra pit to study at AFTRS where he completed the inaugural year of the Foundation Diploma -- before transitioning into theatre via a two-year tenure as AV Director of the University of Sydney Arts Revue. Alexander completed his Masters in Writing for Performance at NIDA, where he studied under Stephen Sewell. Towards the end of his studies, he began to consult on shows as a dramaturg; since graduating he has worked in this capacity for productions at Bondi Feast, The Sydney Fringe, the Old 505 and the Old Fitz Theatre. Alexander continues his work as a playwright and splits his time between theatre, television (for which he writes the Disney Channel program “Hanging With”) and teaching for both NIDA and ATYP. Gretel Vella Gretel’s credits include: A Period Piece for The Old 505 in Newtown and All The Glitters for the 2016 NIDA Director’s productions. She has been awarded the 2019 ATYP Co-commission for her play Bathory Begins and was selected for ATYP’s National Studio and Fresh Ink Mentoring programs for 2017. Gretel’s screenplays Carking It (TV Series) and Elsie Shrew (Feature) were long listed for AWG’s Primetime and Insite writing competitions in 2017. She is currently a writer on Channel Nine’s medical drama Doctor Doctor. She enjoyed positions with Network Ten, Spectrum Films. Gretel is currently co-artistic director of The Louise Frequency with fellow NIDA alumnus Emme Hoy. They debuted sketch comedy web series ALL WE HAVE IS NOW at downstairs Belvoir in November 2017. She is also associate artist with Glitterbomb, Sydney who in December 2018 will premiere their new play The Hysteric, written by Gretel,at KXT. David Stewart David is a Brisbane based writer and performer. He is the co-creator of the electro-musical comedy trio The Architects of Sound. The band’s latest work was commissioned by Brisbane Festival in 2016 and has since travelled to Fringe World, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. His recent playwriting credits include Numb (as part of Incubator at Playlab 2017), Non-Vegan Hoagies and Other Signs of the Impending Apocalypse (ATYP Fresh Ink National Studio 2016), An Intimate Evening with the Architects of Sound (Wonderland, Melbourne Fringe Festival; 2015, Woodford Folk Festival 2014), Slug (Rock Surfers Theatre Company 2014) and The Art of Conversation (Short + Sweet BEST COMEDY winner 2013). David is also a recent graduate of the NIDA Writing for Performance Masters in 2015. Joseph Brown Joseph is theatre maker who grew up in Armidale, NSW. He completed his bachelor degree in performing arts at Monash University. In 2016 Joseph completed his Master of Fine Arts (Writing for Performance) at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. While there, Joseph completed a full length stage play titled The End of Hawke Street, as well as a full length screenplay titled 86’d. Writing and directing credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Monash Shakespeare Company), You Walk Away (Melbourne Fringe), Tuck in the Corners (MUST, La Mama) and Tensions: Curated Works (MUST). Liz Hobart Liz is a Sydney-based writer for both stage and screen. After completing her Bachelor of Arts (Writing) at Macquarie University, she went on to undertake a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Performance at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). While at NIDA, her work included a feature film screenplay (The Trove), television pilot (Mercy), three short films (The Picnic, Muddied Matter and Spent Alone) and a musical adaptation of Ethel C. Pedley’s classic novel Dot and the Kangaroo. Over the past year, Liz participated in the National Studio with ATYP, and her play Snap Season was staged as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. In 2018, Liz’s upcoming productions include ATYP’s Intersection 2018: Chrysalis at Griffin and Lie With Me at The Old 505. Madelaine Nunn Madelaine graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2015, receiving the Irene Mitchell Award for an outstanding actor in her second year. Since graduating VCA she has been nominated for two Green Room Awards in the category of Best Ensemble and co-founded the female led theatre company, Three Birds Theatre. Madelaine has written for, and performed in many theatre festivals including, Poppy Seed Theatre Festival, CRACK, Metanoia and the Adelaide and the Melbourne Fringe. She was also selected to be in the 2016 Fresh Ink playwriting mentorship program with the ATYP and has toured with Regional Arts Victoria. Madelaine’s other credits include; Maggie in OpticNerve’s production of The Mill on the Floss (Dir. Tanya Gerstle), Marion in Three Birds One Cock, Helene in LadyCake and Katherine in Sugar Rush. Phoebe Sullivan Phoebe is a Perth based emerging artist, writer, and theatre-maker. Graduating in 2016 from the Performance Making course at WAAPA. Her practice extends locally and nationally, working and undertaking residencies with companies such as the Australian Theatre for Young People, Queensland Theatre, Metro Arts, Black Swan State Theatre Company, PICA, pvi collective, Playwriting Australia and The Blue Room Theatre. Phoebe’s ambition is to contribute to making new Australian work that explores themes relevant to contemporary culture; recovering lost sensations, empathy, and placing it at the heart of it all. Pippa Ellams Pippa is a Writer/Performer from Western Sydney. Her first play The Carousel was shortlisted for the Rodney Seaborne Playwright Award in 2015. During 2016 Pippa was a Resident Artist at Shopfront Theatre for Young ]Ѡ) ɅѽȽɕѽȁ!ݥQ) ɽ͕݅́ɽՍЁMɽЁ́ )Յ܁ݕ䁄ɕչЁЁ ٽ)MЁݹх́ѡɔ)չܸQ ɽ͕)͕́ЁѼѽȁӊé͕ͽݥѠ)5ɥѡɔ䁥5ɍกA)ѥѕQAɽ%ѥѥٔɽɅ)ɕѕDѡɔQe@Ѽ)չ]ѕɸM呹]ɥѕ̸Ḿͼ)ѥЁ9ѥѡɔAɅчe)Aɥ́AɅфɽA݅)͕́ѥЁQeCè܁9ѥ)MՑAɽɅɽѡ́ɽɅȁ(9ѕȁ͕݅́ѕѼəɵ́Ё)QeCé%ѕ͕ѥ ̸ͅ))ձIɭ))ձéѡɔɕ́Ցȁͽ)ѡɔܰ͡eЁ  Q́%́!(ܤݡ͡ɽєɕѕəɵ(ɥ5ɹ%ѕɹѥ )ѥمɝɥȁݕЁ͡)9Ёѡȁ%%M吁ɥ) 䰁Q儁̰Q5ѡ͔M)ɕѱ䁥ٕЁݥѠѡ Ѽ)ѡ͔ȁ͍ɕ)ձéɕ́Ց)]Mɥ̃a1͔ эdaQ靕Ʌé ձ)ݥdAɥəФ+aѤձӊd)ͽ-̤%Ё͡ɕѕ) ϊé -́!ȁѡȁЀ܁Aɽ̸)=ѡȁѡɔѥɕ́ՑQ%Ё1%)%ͻeаQ=MɔQɴ є5)ЁeQ@Yɹ1ѱ9܁Qɔ)5ѕ́9%ѕمI1AɽՍѥ̽Q)=褰ѥم9܁]ɥѥɥQɔ)!ٕЁѥم!ٕЁAɕ͕̽Qe@