Intersection 2018: Chrysalis Before You See The Show

ATYP LEARNING → INTERSECTION 2018: CHRYSALIS BEFORE YOU SEE THE SHOW → AUDIENCE ADVICE Intersection 2018: Chrysalis contains → Meet the cast: Visit: intersection-2018-chrysalis and hear our cast talk about the process of making the show. → ACTIVITY #1: Sharpen your monologue skills Have you ever noticed that a playwright leaves clues in their script for directors and performers to discover? Every punctuation mark and space between lines gives you a hint about how the writer intended their work to be performed. This simple exercise helps actors interpret punctuation on the page using their bodies and it’s easy to do in your classroom. Your whole class can do it simultaneously or one at a time. Step 1: Choose your favourite monologue. Make it something you feel a connection to. Read it aloud. TIP: If you aren’t that familiar with plays, think about speeches from your favourite film or TV show. Continued → • Coarse language • Sexual references • Drug references Visit intersection-2018-chrysalis and check signs at the venue for updated advice. → CURRICULUM LINKS Suitability: Years 10, 11, 12 Subjects: Drama, English Step 2: With your script in hand, stand and speak your lines aloud again. This time, whenever you reach a comma, turn your whole body 90-degrees to your left or right. Whenever you reach a full stop, move from standing to sitting or vice-versa. Continue until your monologue is finished. , = Turn 90-degrees . = Switch from standing/sitting Step 3: Discuss with a partner what you discovered about the the way your character speaks and what this tells you about them. Think about this the next time you perform a monologue.