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A S S O C I A T E M E M B E R S PFS Corporation Madison, Wisconsin (USA) Tel: 608-221-3361 / Fax: 608-223-5560 Email: STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. Seoul, South Korea Tel: 82-2-316-5114 / Fax: 82-2-754-8492 Email: Port of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) Tel: 504-528-3377 / Fax: 504-528-3357 Email: STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. (Panobulk America Inc.) Rutherford, New Jersey (USA) Tel: 201-507-9952 / Fax: 201-507-9951 Email: Port of Olympia Olympia, Washington (USA) Tel: 360-528-8000 / Fax: 360-528-8090 Email: Port of Port Arthur Port Arthur, Texas (USA) Tel: 409-983-2011 / Fax: 409-985-9312 Email: Port of Stockton Stockton, California (USA) Tel: 209-946-0246 / Fax: 209-466-5986 Email: Premier Bulk Stevedoring LLC Mobile, Alabama (USA) Tel: 251-433-1196 / Fax: 251-433-1195 Email: ProvPort, Inc. Providence, Rhode Island (USA) Tel: 401-781-4717 / Fax: 401-461-6240 Email: Rogers & Brown Custom Brokers Charleston, South Carolina (USA) Tel: 843-577-3630 / Fax: 843-720-8911 Email: Rukert Terminals Corporation Baltimore, Maryland (USA) Tel: 410-276-1013 / Fax: 410-327-2315 Email: South Jersey Port Corporation Camden, New Jersey (USA) Tel: 856-757-4927 / Fax: 856-966-1838 Email: Star Shipping, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Tel: 770-226-5900 / Fax: 770-226-5977 Email: STX Pan Ocean Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore (Singapore) Tel: 65-6461-6210 Fax: 65-6461-6219 Email: STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. Jakarta, Selatan (Indonesia) Tel: 6221-798-6128 Fax: 6221-798-6089 Email: STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. Shanghai, P.R.C. (China) Tel: 86-21-5237-3001~9 Fax: 86-21-5237-3010 Email: Tampa Port Authority Tampa, Florida (USA) Tel: 813-905-7678 / Fax: 813-905-5109 Email: H Y U N D A I M E R C H A N T M A R I N E C O . , LT D . Hyundai has provided quality service for carrying plywood and other wooden products from East Asia to North America and Latin America since 1981. Operating vessels on a monthly basis. HMM21 • High Quality • More Intelligent • Most Preferred ISO 14001, ISM CODE and ISO 9002 U*C Coatings Corporation Buffalo, New York (USA) Tel: 716-833-9366 / Fax: 716-833-0120 Email: Union Pacific Railroad Omaha, Nebraska (USA) Tel: 402-544-4904 / Fax: 402-501-2826 Email: Universe Freight Brokers, Inc. Miami, Florida (USA) Tel: 305-593-6575 / Fax: 305-593-9528 Email: Weinig Group Mooresville, North Carolina (USA) Tel: 704-799-0100 / Fax: 704-799-7400 Email: To search for more specific species, products or services, visit MV “Pacific Royal”, Dec/1995 Built, 43, 176DWT Hyundai has recently launched newly built vessels for carrying plywood from S.E. Asia and China IMPORTED WOOD 73