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It’s about the closest thing to a perfect close-grain temperate hardwood there is. Pollmeier’s German Beech continues to impress cabinetmakers worldwide with its beauty, quality and flexibility. No matter how you measure it, German Beech is an exceptional choice: One Wood. So Many Cabinet Possibilities. Availability – Beech is the pre-eminent species of Europe’s temperate forest, the second largest in the world. It makes up 57% of Germany’s hardwood forests. Sustainability – German law limits cutting to less than 66% of the new-growth rate. Europe’s forests have the highest growth rate percentage in the world. Durability – More solid than Red Oak and Hard Maple, German Beech is renowned for its high shock resistance. Machinability – Although Beech is heavy, hard and quite strong, it’s easy to machine. Finishes beautifully – German Beech dresses very smoothly, sands to a high polish, and takes a wide range of finishes for a variety of cabinet appearances. WHATEVER YOUR WHATEVER YOUR STYLE—FROM C O N T E M P O R A R Y, FINISH—FROM CLEAR German Beech is your readily available, sustainable, durable, and easy-to-machine hardwood that is – best of all – surprisingly affordable. To find out more about German Beech or receive a free sample, give us a call, fax or email, and discover the many possibilities of Pollmeier value-added German Beech. PEFC certified for sustainable forestry Pollmeier meets Pan European Forestry Certification Council standards for renewable production of 70,000,000 board feet of Beech lumber. North American Sales Office • Portland, Oregon USA • Toll Free 866-432-0699 • Fax 503-452-5801 Outside U.S. 503-452-5800 TO R U S T I C / S O U T H W E S T, CORDOVAN, GL AZES OR TO ANTIQUE M U LT I - S T E P REPRODUCTION ANTIQUE FINISH