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PHOTO COURTESY OF JAYCO INNOVATION CONTINUES TO DRIVE THE RV INDUSTRY PHOTO COURTESY OF JAYCO “Lauan plywood provides the combination of strength, thin construction and lighter weight, all critical in RV construction.” BRUCE HOPKINS 52 IMPORTED WOOD D espite rising fuel costs, the recreation vehicle industry is doing just fine, thank you. “People aren’t going to stop camping and traveling,” says Bruce Hopkins, vice president of standards and education for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “They’ve made the investment because it’s their passion, their lifestyle, and they’ll find a way to keep enjoying it. ”If you’re buying a half million dollar motor home, whether gas is two or two-fifty a gallon isn’t going to make a lot of difference to you. And those who like to camp in a towable RV can leave it at a camp- ground and use a smaller car to commute home.” According to the RVIA, 70 percent of new RV sales are towable RVs, and 30 percent are motorhomes. Today’s typical RV owner is 49 years old and married, with an annual household income of $56,000. As baby boomers re ѥɔѡ䁕́ɝ̰ͅЁ)ͻeЁ݅ѥեѱ䁽ѡͥ́ȁѡ́ɅѼɔ)%مѥ́ѡIXɔɅѥٔѼɕѕȁɅ)ѡͥѥ݅ɕ̸+qQЁͥЁѕ䁡́ѡͱаѡ)ɽ͕ѥ́ѡЁɕ͔ѡՅɔхѡIX)ݡɭt́ͅ!̸QЁѥIY̰ȁMUIÝ̰)ѡȁѡQ݅́ݸɅѥ)䁱̃Lȁݡ̰ѥՕ̸̰̰ٕ͕́)MUIÝٔԁЁɔ ᥉ݥѠIXԁͱ)Ёԁͼհɝمɥ䁽̸+qQɗéɥݸЁѼمѥѡ́丁e)͕ѡ͔ɕ䁽ѱ͠ѽɡ́ѡЁ͕ȁ)ͽѡՑѥ́ѕ)ѥ́مɔɑ̸Q