International Wood International Wood 2005 - Page 47

...Brilliance in wood Exclusive Importer of DIAMOND DECKING® W hen Don Sublett says he’s doing a high-profile deck project in Dallas, he’s not kidding. Sublett is the deck specialist for Fun & Sun Pools, one of the largest commercial pool builders in the southwest. The company specializes in swimming pools for apart- ments, hotels, condos, and other large projects. “I’ve been doing all the woodwork for the company since it was founded in 1980,” says Sublett. “Most of my work is building decks, gazebos and trellises to architects’ specifications. “The project in Dallas is a renovation of the Dallas Power and Light building into a high-end apartment complex. We built a rooftop pool, hot tub and spa, and surrounded it with a 1,600 square foot deck with two semi-circular wheel- chair access ramps. The d WfVW"vG2BF&R6VVR6WGFr6FW( fR7VBBbWWF0G2'B&V7G2B7FGV'g&FW6FW&R0WfV&W"F2ƖvFrFR&VBFRvFW&fBF&VvWBFRFV6( 7V&WGB62 :2&V6֖rFRvBb66Rf FV6&V7G2bF26Ɩ&W"f"W"D@&bVƗGf 77W&6RFBR&P&V6VfrFRfW'&W7@&GvBFV6pf&R( 26W&6V@g&7W7F&ǐvVBf&W7G2W"FW"&GV7G06VFR&&r@&GvBV&W"f&WGb7V6W27V62R7V'RF&v&76&GV&6&&W'VV'@Bw&VVV'BTàwwrFFFV6r6ЦfFFFV6r6УRSSP%DTBt@Cp