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Rex Lumber – Custom Moulding High precision woodworking machinery operated by skilled personnel yields a broad range of custom millwork. Our ten moul- ders are capable of producing anything from custom wide plank flooring and handrails to crowns and casings. Specially designed mouldings up to 12" wide and 6" thick can be produced. Custom runs are a Rex specialty. From the depths of the jungle to the height of luxury. The harvest of our high quality woods is closely supervised by the Rex Lumber team in the world’s most fertile rain forests. From these points of origin, the lumber is processed, and sent through our container shipping service to Rex’s distribution yards.There it is kiln dried, sold rough or manu- factured into speciality products and customized for even the most discerning customers including architectural woodworkers, high quality boat builders and musical instru- ment manufacturers. Sound Forestry Practices Rex Lumber Company is concerned about the environment.We have always purchased lumber from sawmills that we feel harvest lumber using sound forestry practices. FSC Certified Mahogany Rex Lumber has the largest inventory of FSC Certified Mahogany for even the most discerning customer. FSC Certification Rex Lumber is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This association monitors forestry practices throughout the world. Stocked Exotic Wood Species South America Genuine Mahogany/Caoba Royal Cedar Spanish Cedar/Odorata Cabreuva/Santos Mahogany/Estoraue Jatoba Ipe/Pau Lope Cumaru/Shihuahuaco Lyptus Machiche Nogal Cumala/Virda/Banak Masaranduba Congona/White Mahogany Appitong/Keruing Banak Santa Maria Leppardwood Africa Khaya Sapele Utile/Sipo Paduak Afromosia Anegre Bubinga Iroko Makorie Obeche Wenge Zebrawood Distributor and Wholesaler In addition to direct shipping and container loading we offer LTL shipments nationwide. Facing, plan- Locations ing, ripping and moulding services Rex Lumber is located in Acton, are available at all Rex locations. Massachusetts; South Windsor, Connecticut; Englishtown, New Jersey and Doswell, Virginia with  million board feet of kiln dried inventory. A kiln capacity of , board feet allows us to closely moni- Rex Lumber Company tor drying for the most exacting  Main Street customers…including musical Acton, MA  instrument manufacturers. ... SW-COC-639 FSC Trademark © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C. Caribbean Heart Pine Teak North American Hardwoods Pine