International Wood International Wood 2005 - Page 32

Import Plywood from around the Globe • • • • • • Bahama Plus™, Amescla, Amapa, Maxframe™, Faveira & Virola, Parica, Elliotus Pine and other South American Species. CHILE: Radiata Pine and Moldings NEW ZEALAND: Radiata Pine Moldings INDONESIA & MALAYSIA: Meranti, Keruing, Agathis, Jelutong etc. RUSSIA: Russian and Baltic Birch CHINA: Okoume, White Birch, Natural Birch, Red Birch, White Italian Poplar, Red Oak, Cherry, Maple and other fancies. BRAZIL: Shamrock imports and services most ports in North America. I n the import plywood business there is no substitution for experience. Shamrock Traders have a depth of knowledge and professionalism that buyers find reassuring. From sales to service, Shamrock’s global orientation and world wide contacts provide both breadth and depth to bring to its U.S. customers the precise products they requ ɔɽɽՍ́ݡٔɽٕѡȁՅ䁥ѡɭ)]͕ȁɽ́ѕȁѼхєѡٕЁՅɽՍ́ݕɕՙɕ́)ѥѽ̸͕ѥ䁥Ё́ѡхͬѡѕȁѼɽՍЁȁѡɭЁٕȁѡ)ɽՍЁѼ9ѠɥɥєѡɽՍЁѼѡɭ) хЁȁMɽQɅȁѽ䁙ȁɥ́م䁽ѡݽԁ) ȁ Ʌє=́Ѐȴ́ͬȁ5)M8QMQH%5A=IPA1e]==AI=MM%=90M!5I= ,QI%9 =IA=IQ%=8)5I=9 9QHMU%QȃāY9%1YI<Q5 U1 )ѕхٕɥ齸ЃQ0耠ؤԴ̃`耠Ĥش܃5= %1耠ĤԴ