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Exotic Beauty MEETS PRACTICAL PERFORMANCE in Homebuilding THE ECONOMICS AND ECOLOGY OF IMPORTED WOODS BENEFIT HOMEBUYERS NATIONWIDE A s president of the New York State Builders Association with a state legislator to discuss a controversial issue, contractor ( N Y S B A ) , J o h n H o f e l i c h i s a n o u t s p o k e n a d v o c a licensing. t e f o r He’s also been appointed by the governor’s office to a homebuilders, remodelers and developers facing local, technical subcommittee studying building codes. “There’s no end state and national issues. And as president of his own firm, J.C.H. to issues out there that can hurt businesses like ours, so we all Construction Co. in Wynantskill, New York, Hofelich has plenty to need to stay on top of them and get involved.” say about the benefits of using imported softwood lumber. As part of his duties with the NYSBA, Hofelich recently at- “I’ve been a member of the NYSBA for 25 years, and I believe tended a symposium in Canada on that country’s lumber industry. the networking amongst members is invaluable,” says Hofelich. Hofelich uses a fair amount of Canadian softwood in his own “It’s really a three-tiered organization – you join and get active business. locally, talk to other members about who’s having trouble with “All of my framing sticks come from Canada, as does at least or solved problems relating to subcontractors, building codes, some of the wood used in the truss joists and other manufac- new legislation, or anything affecting their business. And then tured products we use. The symposium looked in great detail at you get involved with the state association, and then the na- how they approach the science and ecology of lumbering and tional organization, the NAHB.” how harvesting and reforesting methods need to be adjusted The NAHB is the National Association of Home Builders, a from area to area. Washington-based trade association representing more than “It was a real education, learning how well they manage their 220,000 members involved in home building, remodeling, multi- forest industry from beginning to end. The science is amazing. family construction, subcontracting, design, and other aspects of For example, in some areas a better lumber product comes out of residential and light commercial construction. The NYSBA is one natural reseeding after a clear cut, rather than transplanted tree of more than 800 state and local homebuilders’ associations from farm trees.” around the country affiliated with the NAHB. J.C.M. builds one or two custom homes a year in the $500,000 “There’s a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that I think sums up range, but most of the company’s work is in remodeling. the reason people should be active in an associations like ours: “My roots are in remodeling, including bathrooms, kitchens, ‘Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business additions, even total rebuilds – literally tearing the roof off of and industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right ranch houses and adding a second story. New homes are built to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to by businesspeople that hire specialist mechanics for each trade. improve conditions in his sphere.’” When you remodel all these different facets come together, and When Imported Wood caught up with Hofelich, he had just met you need to understand all the mechanics of an existing home. 24 IMPORTED WOOD