International Wood International Wood 2005 - Page 18

“The exotic woods have such great color and character...I’m showing more of them to my customers, and many are deciding these are the looks they really want.” KEVIN LAMERS “The sapele is bookmatched throughout a good deal of the kitchen. The straight lines tie it together pretty handily; the nature of the wood did a lot of the work for me. It’s a nice ‘ribbony’ figure, and has that beautiful 3-D luminescence as you walk by it; it really seems to move with you.” Kevin says some of the wood had minor imperfections in it, but that didn’t bother Ken. “Pop is a big advocate for the ‘wabi sabi’ of it all – that’s a Japanese term for finding beauty in the imperfections and natural flaws. I’d come across something in the wood as I was working and I’d say, ‘I can’t use this here,’ and he’d say ‘Oh, that’s beautiful!’ “We used a copper laminate from Formica as a backsplash in the kitchen, which really does a great job of Z[[Hܜ]\'BH][[\[HܙX]K\\]YHH\^HX[]XYHHH[YHX]\X[][H\ܝ]YB^[X[[] '[H[ۛH]X]H[Y\X[XY\8'H^\]['H^X]HXܙX]܈[\X\x&[H[[ܙBو[H^H\Y\[X[H\HXY[\H\HH^BX[H[ 'B'X\HۋHYHZYH\[Z\Hܙ\܈Hܜ˜[]\]YX[XZ\\]]]H܈][H]H\XY 8'H^\[8'H[Y\\[]ۈ\Z\^H[ۈHY[[\[HܙX]H\[ Z[HH\H]\HZ[ B[[\Z[Y[[\]H\[وHܙX]H[HH[YBX[][ۈ\H]['[H[ H]HX]]Y[ \]\KYܘYHX[]Y]U›\\K]8&\X][HX\[\˸'BNSTԕQ