International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 7

Excalibur Dehydrator (9 tray) I have had one of these now for some time, mine came from Raw Living and I have to warn you, these are simply addictive! Once you get going there is no stopping you and it is a great way to preserve food from those bumper harvests. One of the biggest achievements I have made to date is dehydrating apricots and getting my husband away from those horrific chewy sweets! Try it, you can be producing some fantastic treats very quickly! £299.00 Geo sprouter The Geo Sprouter is a practical three tier sprouting system. With the Geo you have everything you need to produce your own seed and bean sprouts indoors and maintain a fresh supply of this highly nutritious living food to add to your recipes. The stacking system employed with the Geo allows a healthy circulation of air around each layer of sprouts. Once you have soaked your seeds for sprouting overnight, just spread them out evenly in the trays and stack the trays on top of the reservoir. Then water from above and the water rinses and drains through each layer of sprouts to collect in the reservoir at the bottom. Keep them watered regularly and in a few days you will have a supply of these nutrient-packed little plantlets for adding to salads, juices or just to nibble on.£19.96 Tefal® ActiFry 2 in 1 Imagine being able to fry a batch of home-made chips with just one tablespoon of oil !a Exclusive to Lakeland, Tefal’s 2-tier ‘fryer’ lets you cook guilt-free chips .Patented technology circulates hot air all around for healthier cooking, and the result is perfectly cooked food with only 3% fat. Twice as convenient, Tefal have put a lot of work into perfecting their clever 2-in-1 cooker, so it’s not just for fish and chips… enjoy couscous with stir-fry veg, rice with prawns, scampi with potato wedges and more, even desserts! Measuring spoon and recipe book included. £279.99