International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 66

Villarrica “The Lakes District” List Price: US$ 920,000 Type: Inn, Separate on site Owner’s Home Style: Restaurant, 2 Cabins, Bar, Rec. Room Living Area: 634 m2 or 6,790 ft2 Lot Size: 5,750 m2 or 1.42 acres Year Built: Business Opened in 1989 Beds/bath: 24 Guests / 9 Private Rooms w/ Bath 2 Cabins w/ Bath, 2 Bedroom Home A charming sturdy old German colonial is the home of this cozy inn just several streets beyond the core of downtown Villarrica. Just southwest of the centro, up on the hill & heading out of town is a panoramic view of the lake; and here stands four well maintained buildings situated on a (just under) two acre plot on the quiet Colina hillside. A relatively modest piece of land but with a lot to offer. This operating tourist business is being sold with all of its assets and real estate, which includes the main inn with restaurant, two guest cabins, the owner’s home, a nursery, and the property’s attractively landscaped grounds. With every bit of the land being well utilized the planners have skillfully preserved the feeling of spaciousness well beyond its borders. The strategic placement of plantings accentuates the magnificent view to the lake and also screens the home and cabins from the main building. A tunnel of trees at the entrance and up the driveway to the reception gives you a feeling of entering a privileged private dwelling. And were it not for the large sign stretched between the entry stanchions, up over the gateway indicating your destination, then you might dare not intrude. But once inside of the hosteria’s grounds you are happily met with a welcoming atmosphere and the inn’s dog announcing your arrival. A low-key relaxing check-in greets you and a folksy clean comfort pervades the surroundings of the place. Neither grandiose nor unadorned, the environment is homey and cheerful, just the kind of place to relax from hours in the sky and on the road before XY[]܈YH]\[YYZ[]܈X]]Y\܈\Y[\\ˈHۙ\&\ݙHو][ ]\H[Z\Y[H\YۛYHو[وH[ٙ\[ [[\ H\ۙHوHZ[[X]\\]H\H]HZ[\X\ٝ[\[\ۋ\HY Y[\HXX\HH]\XYYٙۙH^H YX\Y[܈Z\^[\][ۘ[XX[\YۛY[ ][]HY\[ܜ^H[Y\H[]\[H[\H\\YHH[YXو[\[Z\ ]\H\[ܙY[[\H[X]Y]ܙ\[HۛH]H[[[][HZYHوHH[ˈHXH]X[HX]\\YH\ݙ\ݙ\[ݙ\YZ[]YK\ZH\H[XZH]Z\[[X]HYKXYH]\H[\HX[[ݙ\H]Y]܎H[&\ۙ\\H\H^Hۈ܈H\[و]ܚ[[Y[ܚ[\ܝ܈H^[\][ۈو[][[\[]\ˈHܙX]ܝ[]H\[H\^H\][\[\)\YH[H۸&][X[H[\ZH\ˈY\^[۝وZYYX\[[H[ۛ[H[[]]H\XH\ٙ\H]و[[]H[\ [][H[[ۙ[\^H\HY\[XYHXH[[ۈ[[[HYH[۝\[HٙX\ۈ]\HYX\H[HY]Y\[\\[ۈ[Hۙ\ZHZ\YX\HX]X[[][[\\وHܛY]H\ݙ\Y [H[\]\HY[H\[ YX]YۈH^ۙ\&\][و[\H[[XY[][ۋ\H\H\H\Z^H [ݘ]HH\[\ˈYYH[Y[H\ \x&\[^\H܈H][YK[YܙH[Hۛ][x&[HH[\YY]܈][وHZYX\H^[X] ˔]\[T\Y\˘B˚[\][ۘ[Y\[[XY^[KBX[]P]\[\\Y\˘B