International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 63

All-in-one: There is a button for weighing, another for pulsing, another to cook, another for kneading She and her husband John run the UK branch of the company and so far have grown the business through demonstrations and word-of-mouth. ‘That’s been our strategy and it’s really paid off. When people buy one, they tell their friends how amazing it is.’ Certainly, it doesn’t look too bad. It could be a blender with its stainless steel 2.5  litre bowl for the food that snaps into a simple white body unit. It doesn’t take up much room given all it can do. For as well as chopping, this thing weighs and cooks, too. It’s a food processor that thinks it’s a celebrity chef. My only criticism is that it all seems a teensy bit Seventies — an impression borne out by the cookbook, which is reminiscent of my mum’s ancient Magimix recipe collection: spiral-bound, with no photos and patronising exhortations such as ‘perfect for busy mums’. Janie talks me through the machine. There is a button for weighing, another for pulsing, another to cook, another for kneading. It doesn’t take long to realise why a two-hour lesson is a requirement.  But I can see that once you’d got the hang of the Thermomix, it would be easy to use. Rotate it one way and it chops. Rotate it the other and it stirs.  There’s also a steaming basket that sits on top of the steel bowl, as well as a spatula for scraping down the sides of the bowl. But that’s it. A refreshing change from the multitude of clip-in parts these things normally require and which I always lose within a week. Read more: http://www.dailymail. Thermomix-It-cost-885-chop-mixAND-cook-fancy-course-meal. html#ixzz2D8pvTvbD  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Read more: http://www.dailymail. Thermomix-It-cost-885-chop-mixAND-cook-fancy-course-meal. html#ixzz2D8pniGXY  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook The amazing Thermomix is like [^HZ\و[[[\][\X[[ܙH[ L][\X[\[ۙHX\K]XX[\X[] H\[Z^LH\H\[\Z^\[\܈][ZY[[Y\[X[\H\X[[[Y\[\XY]X[H[H][Z\XK[]\[\]\ۙH[ۙHYHH\[Z^YX\\\][ۈ[YHHZ[]\Xۙ[[\[H[\H]]\][Z[[Z[\[\HY[XX[][ \و[ [H[HۙY[][Hۛ][x&]H][[\[][x&]HY]Hۜ\[\[]\H[YHXZH]H]\]H[[ۙY[YH[ZKY[H[\[][KZ[\X[H[[K[ܙH[ \[Z^Lx&\\HܛYH[ LK[\YH[[ۜ][ۋ۝XR\[Z^ L  ܈\[Z^\[[ H   M܈۝X[\ۈ[x&\\[Z^\[K˚[\][ۘ[Y\[[XY^[KB