International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 62

THE MOST FA N TA S T I C By Janey Lee Grace S kneads, steams, juices, grates, whisks, simmers, mills and crushes, replacing more than 30 kitchen appliances in one unit.  Its name is the Thermomix and it’s a bit of a secret among foodies. So to test its multi-tasking credentials, I decide to cook a three-course dinner party menu with the Thermomix. I’m talking home-made bread rolls, smoked salmon dip, creamy pea soup, beef stroganoff and treacle tart. The kind of meal, frankly, that would usually reduce any sane o imagine my curiosity when I heard about a kitchen gadget that can do everything. That’s right — it weighs, chops, blends, hostess to tears. One of the quirks of the machine is that it requires a demo from a trained operator, which comes included in the price, along with delivery and a 300-page recipe book. So my borrowed Thermomix arrives with Janie Turner, a woman who fell so in love with the machine when she encountered it 11 years ago that she abandoned her previous job to become the sole UK distributor. As befits her role as High Priestess of Thermomix, Janie, 55, is evangelical. ‘It’s just the most fantastic product,’ she says. ‘When you try it, you won’t look back. It’s so much easier to eat well with one of these.’